Friday, September 26, 2014

Fierce Salon Episode 1: A New Adult Smexy Serial by Aspen Drake Excerpt

Fierce Salon Episode 1: A New Adult Smexy Serial by Aspen Drake
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This is a serialized novel. Each episode is a cliffhanger. For mature readers.

On a particularly fateful day in Menlo Park, California, Amy learns that the salon she's been at for three years has closed and that her boyfriend has been cyber cheating on her. Just as she's about to hit rock bottom, she gets a job at the hottest salon in town.

Fierce Salon is owned by sexy ex-model Nate Edwards. He's a player in every sense of the word but keeps his antics out of the salon. But when he notices the new stylist, all of his carefully constructed walls begin to crumble.


We each take a container and dig in. I’m halfway through my cashew chicken when Gabi starts the interrogation. “So where is this brilliant place that hired you?”
“Fierce Salon on Santa Cruz. It’s really high end and I know a stylist there so she got me the interview.”
“Fierce? Did you meet Nate Edwards?” She puts her chopsticks down in a rare display of food self-control.
“Yeah, he’s the one who hired me.” I shovel some fried rice in my mouth. “Know him?”
“Know him?” She barks out a short laugh. “I fucked him a few years back.”
My jaw drops and I almost choke. “What?”
“Yeah.” She has a dreamy look in her eyes as she gazes out the back window. “He’s so beyond gorgeous.”
“Isn’t he gay?” None of this is making sense unless he swings both ways.
Gabi laughs and looks at me like I’ve grown a second head. “Have you met him? He’s 100% slut but as far as I know, it’s always with women. Mostly model types. I think he was really drunk the night we hooked up.”
“When?” I whisper, completely fascinated by this new piece of information.
“Right before I met Matt.” She looks a little embarrassed as she comes clean. “We were at a New Year’s Eve party and both ended up in a dark room at midnight and just went for it.”
“You just met him and fucked him that night?” I’m astonished I’ve never heard this story before.
“Um, more like I met him and fucked him within about fifteen minutes.” She gets up and grabs a couple hard ciders from the fridge. “You’ve seen him. If he knocked on the door right now, I’d drop my panties and hop on with no questions asked.”
“And you call him a slut.” I have to laugh. “I can’t believe you never mentioned this.”
“Eh.” She shrugs and takes a long pull from her bottle. “It’s like one of the fantasies that you aren’t entirely sure happened so you don’t tell people because you’re afraid they’re gonna tell you it was just a dream or something.”
I nod, not completely sure what she means but not interested in a deeper explanation. I’m still trying to processes the fact that the beautiful Adonis that I’ll be working next to everyday is not gay and apparently fucks strangers at parties.
Not only that, during the few encounters I had with him today, he showed less interest in me than the confirmed gay guy. Talk about a blow to the ego. I guess this is the universe’s way of confirming I need to give up on dating for a while. I have an amazing opportunity with Fierce and I can’t blow it.

Be sure to grab Episode 2 and Episode 3!


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