Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sex on the Beach (Cocktail Cruise Book 2) by Allie Boniface Review

Title: Sex on the Beach
Series: Cocktail Cruise Book 2
Author: Allie Boniface
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 110
Price: $0.99
Thoughts: Sexy!

Book Synopsis:

Two people who’ve always played at love discover the stakes are higher when they let down their guard and open their hearts…

Cassidy Arnez is an elementary school teacher with an enormous secret: a sexually adventurous online life that she leads under a foolproof alias. Her motto has always been to enjoy sex and the single life as much as possible. With a deadbeat dad and a brother who died in combat, she knows she can’t rely on any man to stick around.

Bryce Anderson enjoys his bachelor life as the CFO of a major cruise line, a position that gets him all the sun, sand, and women he could want. But he meets his match in Cass, who’s even less interested in commitment than he is, and her casual, confident sexuality turns him on more than anyone he’s ever met.

When a financial crisis at Cass’s school places her, and her coveted secret identity, at the center of a small town firestorm, she must decide whether she’ll let Bryce become the first man she’ll trust with both her secrets and her heart.


I love that this book is connected to the first, but each woman was looking for different things. This book was sexy, fast-paced, and excellent chick-lit. Grab a copy and a cocktail for the weekend and enjoy!

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