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Character Interview with John Noble from Bulletproof (Unknown Identities Book 1) by Regan Black

Bulletproof (Unknown Identities Book 1) by Regan Black
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A soldier is nothing without his honor.

To avoid a dishonorable end to his decorated military career, John Noble made a deal with the devil. He gave up his name, endured harrowing training, and accepted every mission thrown at him for one purpose: redemption.

When he accepts his latest orders, providing personal security for a reporter in trouble, he bargains hard to guarantee it will be his last job for the shadow agency he knows only Unknown Identities (UI).

An ambitious reporter, Amelia Bennett, is about to break the story of her career, if she lives long enough to tell it. Caving to her boss's demand, she hires a bodyguard and soon it is obvious John Noble is the only obstacle standing between her and certain death.

Just when John believes he has found someone he can trust and love, who loves him unconditionally for who and what he has become, his orders are amended: Amelia Bennett is to be terminated.

Introducing Unknown Identities: an alternative for elite soldiers and spies facing criminal charges... if they can survive the program.
Don't miss Double Vision, the next installment of this sizzling, action-packed series.

Character Interview:

Debra Webb, my editor and co-conspirator for Unknown Identities managed to get UI agent John Noble to sit down for an interview:

Debra Webb: Hello, John. You have quite a fan club and they are eager to learn more about you. We know that you're part of an elusive group known as UI – or Unknown Identities. Can you tell us more about it?

John Noble: No. Trust me UI isn't an organization you want to know much about if you want to stay alive. Suffice it to say, gaining an invitation means you've made a big mistake somewhere along the way. You'll only compound that mistake by accepting the invite.

DW: So the UI organization does more than employ bodyguards?

JN: In a word, yes. But UI has its own agenda that they don’t share with anyone. My role there frequently involved stepping in and protecting people who were targets for one reason or another.

DW: People like Amelia Bennett.

JN: Yes. People like Amelia. I was assigned as her bodyguard to keep her alive so she could do her job and report on a breaking scandal with a prominent politician.

DW: When we called to set up this interview, Amelia mentioned you aren't fond of reporters.

JN: I'm fond of one particular reporter. (said with a heated look aimed at Amelia)

DW: You really are a man of few words. Are you comfortable sharing a few personal details?

JN: That depends on just how personal you want to get.

DW: (fanning face) Well, let's start with your real name versus your codename, Bulletproof. Which one is more you?

JN: (brow furrowed over those vivid green eyes) Amelia calls me John Noble, and that's as real as it needs to be for me.

DW: Oh my.

JN: Bulletproof, like most codenames for people and missions, wasn't my idea and as much as I hated it at the beginning, it grew on me with a little help from Amelia. (leans forward) Please tell me you have other questions, UI isn't a safe topic, Deb.

DW: Of course. We know so little of your background, would you please fill us in?

JN: I enlisted in the Army right after high school when I was out of other options. I was a bit of a troublemaker as a kid. More accurately, trouble found a way to twist me up when I was trying to do the right thing. Anyway, in the Army I worked my way up through the ranks and sent most of my pay back home to my mom until she passed away. It was a decent career.

DW: Until?

John shakes his head slowly, that green gaze making it clear he won't answer that one.

DW: All right. No other family? No lost loves pining for you or anything like that?

JN: No. (fidgeting in his seat) Nothing close to love even brushed by my life until I met Amelia. And I have no intention of letting her get lost.

DW: Are you a dog or a cat person?

JN: (arching one dark eyebrow). Never had either one around the house, unless you count the stray cat my mom fed on the back porch.

DW: Okay, moving on. You can be very intimidating. Is that intentional?

JN: (shrugging) Amelia says the same thing. I'm working on being less intimidating, but I've had years of practice keeping people at arm's length. In the places I've been, that's a better philosophy for staying alive.

DW: You've traveled all over the world, do you have any souvenirs?

JN: In a manner of speaking. (Pulls back his shirt sleeves to show the chain of scars around his wrists) Chicks dig scars, right? (said with a wink) I have plenty of those reminders between my military career, training, and subsequent missions. Amelia doesn't seem to mind.

DW: You seem eager to be done with your past.

JN. (smiles slightly) If you'd been there, you'd be eager to ditch my past too. The bottom line is I'm a lot more eager to start living a real life with Amelia. For once I have a chance to do the right thing and enjoy it.

DW: Thanks for your time. I know we’re all eager to see how things work out for you and Amelia as you move forward with your lives.

JN: Thanks, Deb. You made it relatively painless and I appreciate the opportunity to practice being approachable and shooting straight. We’ll be off the grid as much as possible, but Amelia will find a way to let you know how we’re doing.

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