Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Informant (RC Investigations Book 4) by V.R. Marks Excerpt

The Informant (RC Investigations Book 4) by V.R. Marks
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A dead body is no way to start the day... a fake marriage makes it a special brand of hell.

When her witness is murdered, DEA Agent Hannah Thalberg knows she's the next target. The only way she can stay close to the case is to lie about getting married and hope her one-time lover goes along with the deception.

Karl 'Bart' Bartholomew's Army career ended his first marriage before an injury ended his career. Now the owner of a popular truck stop, he stays close to the action by keeping local DEA and law enforcement informed of suspicious activity.

Can Hannah and Bart break the case and save lives before the passion between them breaks apart their friendship?

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"I can still contribute here," Hannah said.
"No." Her boss shook his head. "It's too dangerous."
"My instincts got us this close. That's obvious by the way they retaliated."
"Hannah, I wish it was that simple. Do you have a relocation request or do you want me to handle it?"
"What about my vacation time?"
"You can use that to get settled in your new area."
She sighed. "Then I request Virginia."
"Absolutely the wrong direction. You cannot stay on this case."
Absolutely? She thought about the wiretap. What on earth did they think tapping Bart's phones would accomplish? The man frequently assisted the DEA with tips about potential illegal activity with truck drivers or cargo that came through his truck stop. It was how she'd first met him last year.
"What about the Pacific Northwest?"
Her hand instinctively went to her belly and she masked the tell-tale move by fiddling with the jacket buttons on her pale blue linen summer suit.
"It's beautiful country. Lots of things to do besides round up the bad guys. You'll love it."
"Are you trying to get rid of me?"
"Yes. Before the cartel manages to do it on their terms."
She preferred to avoid that outcome as well. "Okay. Fine. I'll get my things packed up and report next week."
"I'll have you on a flight tomorrow morning."
"I have vacation time," she insisted. "I can't leave tomorrow, there's too much to do."
"We have admin for that."
"Thanks for the offer, but can't you give me the weekend at least?" She needed time to figure out who was looking at Bart's business and why. Needed time to tell him about the baby.
"I'll get the paperwork ready. Admin will handle the logistics. It's early enough we might be able to get you out tonight."
"Hang on. This is ridiculous. You have a protective detail assigned –"
He pulled off his wire-rimmed glasses and glared at her. "This, Agent Thalberg, is reality."
"Then you'd better start the paperwork for two IDs," she said, rolling back her shoulders.
His gaze narrowed. "Why?"
She was working the timeline in her head, praying she could swing by her apartment on her way out of town. "Because if you're relocating me immediately my husband will want to come along and I'm not sure he can get away as early as tonight." A small voice in her head clamored that Bart would never want to see her again after telling that whopping lie. But she had to get out of the office, shake her protective detail, and find some way to warn him.
Her boss's mouth dropped open. She understood how he felt. The previously unmentioned marriage was a shock to her as well.
"You're married."
She nodded once.
"Since when?"
"A few weeks back." She swallowed the lump in her throat. "That trip I took to Las Vegas." She slid a glance at her watch, knew she had at least two more hours before offices opened in Nevada and her lie could be exposed.

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