Thursday, October 9, 2014

True Power & Real Peace by Staci Stallings Excerpt

True Power & Real Peace by Staci Stallings

Why is life so very difficult? Can anything make it any easier? Why do some people get all the breaks, and I'm always struggling?

Now, from #1 Best Selling Christian author, Staci Stallings, learn the secrets to living with True Power and Real Peace-- no matter what storms come up in your life! Stop struggling. Start living.

Learn the importance of taking "this step." Learn how to work with God's Will instead of against it. Learn how to live with the Source as your strength instead of trying to get strength from resources that are bound to fail.

Every page is packed with deep insights and real life solutions to your deepest problems. Be a better parent, a better friend, a better you!

Today can truly be the day to start on your path to True Power & Real Peace!

TRUE POWER & REAL PEACE is an inspirational book like none other. Delving deep below the surface of life, this Christian book shows the incredible power of living with God as the center of everything. One of the best inspirational books for women or men, these simple words can guide you to finding the best on your earthly journey and an eternal life well worth living. It is the definition of Christian living in the real world.


Every truly rich soul needs a defining vision for life, a map, an understanding of direction, a base from which to build.  Without it, you are left adrift on a sea of ever-changing destinations—none of which hold what you are most seeking.  They are like rainbows, beautiful, inviting until you reach them and find that they have moved.

Therefore, you must seek not just the rainbow that the world holds out as success, but true success—the success that comes when you find True Power and Real Peace.  These two, the Lion and the Lamb, lying together in perfect harmony are the real destination, the real yearning of every soul.  Rich souls are those who seek them, find them, and then enmesh their lives around the framework and structure that they provide.

To do this, you must be willing to first understand the difference between worldly power and True Power, the difference between worldly peace and Real Peace.  Those are the aims of Part I of this book.

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