Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tweet Revenge: A Dawn Johnson Mystery by Rickard B. DeMille Review

Title: Tweet Revenge
Series: Dawn Johnson Mysteries Book 1
Author: Rickard B DeMille
Genre: Mystery
Price: Pre-order today for $2.99
Thoughts: Grabs you and doesn't let go.

Book Synopsis:

Rickard B DeMille, author of the International Amazon Best Seller HELLFIRE, brings us a new hero named Dawn Johnson, and a new villain called Justice. They engage in a brutal ballet of vengeance and death until . . .

Dawn joined the FBI for the wrong reasons, and her boss wants her transferred out. Rural county Sheriff Bubba Scates doesn't want anyone messin' with his investigation, especially a female, African-American, over-educated, caustic, independent FBI Agent. Dawn wants to get back to her private agenda, but no one gets what they want. Except Justice, who continues to execute people he feels have escaped justice from the courts. Justice gets his retribution, and uses social media to publicize his vengeance and taunt police.

However, once Justice has claimed his final victim, things really get interesting. Nothing is as it seems, and no one is certain to survive, as the manhunt concludes and the truth is finally revealed.


If you love Criminal Minds, you're going to love this novel. The scenes featuring the murderer are so well done and I loved the main character, Dawn. And talk about fast-paced! This book grabs you and doesn't let go.

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  1. What some wonderful books at great prices. I will definitely plan to pick up a few.

    Thank you,
    Ginger Robertson aka robertsonreads


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