Saturday, December 27, 2014

a Touch of Intrigue: The Everly Gray Adventures by L. j. Charles Review

Title: a Touch of Intrigue
Series: The Everly Gray Adventures
Author: L. j. Charles
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 290
Price: $4.49
Thoughts: A great series!

Book Synopsis:

Tick Tock
Time bombs explode around Everly Gray, uncovering dangerous secrets. After thirty years, the complex web of intrigue created to protect her has begun to unravel, laying bare a shocking conspiracy, and leaving her alienated from her past, and exposed to a master of manipulation.

With her hefty dose of curiosity and a drive to live in truth, Everly is determined to follow the conspiracy to its core and heal the damaged roots of her life.

Tynan Pierce has been a moving target for most of his adult life—normal for a covert agent working black ops, but not okay for a man who’s fallen in love and wants to build a lasting relationship. He’ll protect Everly at any cost, even if they have to live apart.

Tynan and Everly’s hearts and souls beat as one, but what will happen when her ESP fingers and his Circle of Nine gifts merge? Will these two strong-willed people be able to share their intuitive gifts and build a future together?


I'll admit that I haven't read but a few books in this series, but I really enjoy them. The characters are funny and well-developed. I love that the author takes the time to fill you in, just in case you haven't read the other books. In other words, yes, you can read these books as stand alone novels. Those that love mysteries and women sleuths should definitely check out this series.

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