Friday, December 5, 2014

Lycanthor the Werewolf (The Dragon Fyre Blade Book 1) by Aiden Storm Excerpt

Lycanthor the Werewolf (The Dragon Fyre Blade Book 1) by Aiden Storm

An epic tale of magic and adventure to inspire and delight young readers.

Thirteen year old Jack is spending the summer at his Aunt’s house in the country. Unfortunately, it’s done nothing but rain and he’s stuck in her old mansion without cable or internet. Bored and alone, he sets out to explore the house. When he reaches the attic, he finds an intricate and unusual mural painted on the walls. Life for Jack gets turned upside down when he stumbles and is transported through a portal into a magical world.

For Jasyra, the daughter of the High King, life couldn’t be worse. Her father has been turned to glass, her kingdom has been taken over by the Demon Emperor, and she and her friend, Evooku, have been exiled. The only way to save the land is to reassemble the Dragon Fyre Blade, but the Demon Emperor has hidden all six pieces and each is guarded by great mythical beasts. There is only one person who can help restore peace, but it has been said that he is not of their land.

When Jack awakens in the Great Forest of Karandur, he encounters Jasyra and Evooku. He discovers the only way home is to band together to fight the evil Lycanthor, a giant werewolf that guards a piece of the Dragon Fyre Blade. But first they have to make it through an enchanted land full of danger.

The Queen of Light appears to Jack and delivers a gift, as well as a revelation. He, Jasyra and Evooku form an unlikely friendship along the way and lasting bonds are made when they realize they are Karandur’s only hope. Will the trio be able to defeat Lycanthor and save the kingdom from an eternity of despair?

The Dragon Fyre Blade: Lycanthor the Werewolf is the first book in a series of six and is written for children 7 - 11 years old.


Jack scrambled up the embankment faster than he had ever moved before, looking up to the tree he’d remembered. It had a few stubby branches low down—if he could jump up to those he could maybe climb the tree and get out of the wolf’s way. He ran up to the trunk, then heard a crunching noise and the music stopped. A blood-curdling roar rang through the trees followed by a splash. His trick had fooled the wolf, but only for a few seconds. Now it was dashing across the water towards him. He jumped up the tree, blood rushing in his ears as his heart pounded. He reached out and grabbed at the branch, but his fingers barely scraped it. He jumped again and managed to grab hold, but the bark tore off in his hand and he fell.
This is it! He thought, my time is up!
Suddenly he heard a howl, pained and angry. He looked around, tears burning in his eyes and his whole body shaking with fear. The wolf had fallen back to the edge of the water, thrashing and snapping its jaws sideways. Jack didn't understand until he saw an arrow in the flank of the great beast. Another arrow struck the creature, close to the first. The wolf howled in rage and glared to Jack, eyes full of hatred. Then, without warning, it dashed away.
Jack turned to the water tumbling down from the pond above, where the arrows must have come from. Between the thick trees he saw movement, and watched as a figure stepped out, tall and lean. It stepped forward and Jack fell to his knees, the shock from the wolf attack setting in.
He watched as the figure came closer, stepping gracefully across rocks and a fallen log to cross the waters. Jack's mouth fell open in shock. The figure looked like a man – mostly – but had deep green skin. It stood a few feet from Jack, staring at him like he was an animal in a zoo. Jack looked back in wonder at the glowing amber eyes and long pointed ears. The creature had a strangeness about it, with movements savage and untamed.

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