Friday, January 2, 2015

How Sunday Cove Found Kindle Unlimited by Author Peggy Webb

First, the good news…You can borrow the first book of my Sunday Cove Series, NAUGHTY AND NICE, on Kindle Unlimited and preorder the second two, BIRDS OF A FEATHER and DISTURBING THE PEACE. You’ll find links at the end of this post.

When I first started taking about doing an author’s cut of eight of my romantic comedy classics, it was my dear friend Debra Webb who said, “Put the series in Kindle Unlimited!” I have three writer friends who are hardly ever wrong in the advice they give: Deb, Vicki Hinze and Donna Fletcher. I have many more friends in this business, but those three are not only top notch writers but also great business women. They are my “go to” writing gurus!

And so, I’m in the process of creating an Author’s Cut for each of the Sunday Cove books. An Author’s Cut means I’m heavily revising – deleting scenes as well as adding new ones – to the original version. This process also gives me the chance to move all the stories to a different setting, Sunday Cove on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and create a lovely romantic legend that threads through all eight books.

Also, I’ve added a cast of secondary characters who will appear in each book. My favorite is Clara Sims, owner of Clara’s Café and creator of good Southern food. You’ll find bonus recipes from Clara’s Café in seven of these books, starting with BIRDS OF A FEATHER.

More good news is that each book stands alone, so if you got started with number three, DISTRUBING THE PEACE, don’t worry. You can read out of sequence.

Do check my websites for more info about this fun, laugh-out-loud Sunday Cove Series! See more on and the blog at

Happy Holidays!

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