Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mr. Big Stuff (Bigger in Texas Series Book 2) by R.G. Alexander

Mr. Big Stuff (Bigger in Texas Series Book 2) by R.G. Alexander

Mr. Big Stuff…who do you think you are?

Caroline Aaron has kissed a lot of frogs. The last thing she needs is some cowboy-turned-reality star promising to come after her with his dangerous dimples and wicked smile. Especially not when the cowboy is eleven years younger, the brother of her best friend and doesn’t meet any of the requirements on her List. Still, when he doesn't show up after she's waited three months to knock him down, it puts a dent in her pride.

And then Trudy asks for that favor…

For Jefferson Adams, fifteen minutes of fame was more than enough. All he wanted was Caroline but his dreams of the California girl got temporarily sidetracked. When she shows up in his life again, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make her his.

Warning: This won’t be an average romance. Instead of flowers she’ll get spankings. Instead of candlelight? A violet wand. Instead of fifteen minutes…she’ll need forever.
Did I mention the rope?
The wedding?

(R.G. Alexander, Bigger in Texas, Rope, contemporary romance, cowboy, hot romance, Big Bad John)


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