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Nathaniel Teen Angel (Ominous Book 1) by Patricia Puddle - $0.99 Goodie!



After accidentally possessing a young man's body, Nathaniel finds himself in the arms of the beautiful girl he's supposed to be guarding. Though he didn't intend to break God's rules, his wings are burnt off and he's dumped naked in the freezing ocean, and not just for kissing Eloise, but for wanting more. Cold, injured and bleeding, Nathaniel has only one thing on his mind as he drags himself out of the treacherous surf, and that's to see if Eloise feels the same way about him. As he runs naked along the shore to look for some clothes, he’s approached by Lucifer and offered a happy life with Eloise if he sells him his soul. When Nathaniel refuses, Lucifer threatens to give the deal to Devlin, Nathaniel's nemesis.


Nathaniel let out a long breath and headed to the bathroom. He was pleased she liked the flowers, but wished he could give her more. He was beginning to think he was totally gutless as a human. No courage at all. Eloise was so amazingly gorgeous and she’d obviously made it quite clear that she liked him, yet he couldn’t even summon the nerve to kiss her, let alone dance with her. As an angel, he’d fought and won many battles with demons over thousands of years. Heck, he’d even fought Lucifer. Shaking his head, he locked the bathroom door. That was it, no more wimping out. After cleaning himself up, he’d take her in his arms and do whatever came naturally. Jeez, he’d even dance with her if he could summon some mettle.

He dropped his jeans and kicked them off, then carefully maneuvered his sweater and tea-shirt over his head. The last thing he needed right now was weeping wounds, especially knowing Eloise fainted at the sight of blood. On his way to the shower, he glanced at his reflection in the mirror. Good heavens. The lesions were deep and purple. If Eloise spotted them, she’d insist he go to the hospital for sure. He had no intentions of that, how could he? He had no address, no ID, and no money. And there was no way he’d be able to explain the V-shaped injury running from his shoulders to his waist. Shaking his head, he stepped into the shower cubicle. After all the suffering he’d been through in the past few hours, he had no qualms about enduring more if it meant spending the night with Eloise.

After turning on the taps, he let the warm water run down his back. Though he flinched with pain, he continued to wash the rest of his body with soap. Being a mortal certainly felt different to being an angel.

After rinsing off, he stepped onto the fluffy blue bathmat and grabbed a towel. He had so much to look forward to in the next few hours and he intended making the most of every second. As he rubbed himself dry, he pictured himself kissing Eloise, then without warning, strange sensations he’d never known made his muscles tense and his eyes pop. As his heart thundered against his ribs, he froze. Terrified he’d die from a stroke before ever getting to hold Eloise as a man, he turned on the faucet and threw handfuls of cold water down his belly. Holy Heaven, could a man not even dry himself? Chuckling, he wrapped the towel around his waist. It seemed mortals had no control over their own bodies.

He wanted to be clean all over before kissing Eloise, so he brushed his teeth and gargled with a mouth wash, then he combed his hair and sprayed deodorant under his arms. Being an angel without all these extra things to do was easier, but the physical pleasures of being human certainly made it worthwhile. He was looking forward to tasting the pizza Eloise was cooking, but his stomach was flipping more at the thought of kissing her. He could hardly wait to slip his hands around her tiny waist and feel the curves of her shapely body next to his.

When he checked his face in the mirror, he was pleased he didn't need to shave again, but he wanted to smell nice. After rummaging through the cabinet, he grabbed a bottle of aftershave and sniffed it. The scent was pleasant and spicy, so he sprayed some on his cheeks and neck, but when it splashed over his shoulders and into his wounds, he couldn’t help but convulse. “Holy crap!” Squeezing his eyes shut, he doubled over in excruciating pain. It was even worse than before. Why on Earth was he turning into a klutz? Then just like his luck, Eloise picked that moment to tap on the door.

“Nathaniel, are you all right?”

Still shuddering, he gripped onto the sink to steady himself. “Yeah, babe, I’m good,” he lied.

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  1. Thank you so much, Amy, love your blog and promotions. Sold heaps of Nathaniel teen Angel in the past few days. ♥ You rock! :)


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