Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Currents of Scorpio (The Zodiac Mysteries Book 3) by Kaye Freemartin

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Imagine Another Earth Ruled by Astrology

Author Kaye Freemartin has created an alternate world called Astrogea where everyone lives by the stars.

In Book 3, the water sign territories have succumbed to the Paragons. There's a new administration, new restrictions and a new danger lurking in the minds of the men who hold the reins of power in government; and on eerie, isolated Triton Isle there are those who seek power from another, otherworldly source.

A storm is coming. . .

In the middle of the maelstrom is Brooke Otto, a Cuspian who brings the fury of water and air together in one extraordinary being.

On the surface, the life of young, beautiful artist Brooke Otto seems enviable. She’s married to fabulously wealthy Marius Greenway and lives on his waterfront estate on touristy Triton Isle. Their marriage, however, is a loveless one. She still nurses a broken heart from her relationship with Douglas Rubio, and Marius is bewitched by his lover, Ceto Waverly, who lives in The Cove, the island’s only town. Most important of all, Brooke is a Cuspian, born on the cusp of two different signs, which, in astrology-ruled Astrogea, makes her a distrusted, reviled outcast. Brooke’s two signs—Libra and Scorpio—are in constant opposition, nearly driving her to the brink of madness. In this unstable atmosphere, her rare nature and talents are exploited, and her very life at stake.

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