Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ulterior Motives by Amy Hale Excerpt

Ulterior Motives by Amy Hale

Despite being wealthy, Ellie Manchester has had a rough life. She witnessed her mothers murder at age seven, but did not see the man responsible. Plagued by nightmares, and a drunken father, Ellie has grown up to believe that she can only rely on herself. When her father dies in an accident, she becomes an heiress of sorts... and a target.

Tanner Paxton was a tough and tumble kid who turned his penchant for getting into fights into a successful security business. He loves his work but does not have time for much else, especially relationships. When he is hired to protect Ellie, against her will, he not only finds himself embroiled in dangerous chaos, but falling in love with the most stubborn and beautiful woman he has ever met. But love may be a weakness that can get them both killed.


He stood up and paced the room. “I was looking at comic books. Stupid-ass comic books! I should have been with you. Where did you go?” he roared.
She was taken aback by just how furious he was. Is he mad at me? That made no sense. “I went to the restroom. It was right around the corner. I hadn’t expected that some dirtbag was going to grab me on the way back.”
Pax turned and glared at her. “You couldn’t tell me where you were going? You had to just disappear without a word? What are you? Five?”
He is mad at me! He is accusing me as if it were my fault this had happened!
She yelled back at him, “No, actually, I’m not five, which is why I don’t need a damn babysitter, and I decided to go without your permission!” Determined not to listen to any more of his nonsense, she tossed the ice pack across the room and got off the bed.
Pax started toward her. “Sit your ass back down!”
She defiantly lifted her chin. “I’m not spending another minute in this room with you, you…pompous jackass!” Then, she hobbled toward the bedroom door.
Pax was instantly at her side and blocked her passage out of the room. “I said, get back on that bed.” His voice was now calm, but it had an edge to it that told her he was struggling to restrain himself.
Turning to face him fully, she blurted out, “Screw you!”
A little too late, Ellie realized that had been the wrong answer. Pax braced his arms on either side of the bedroom door and trapped her against it. He looked into her eyes for a moment, and she registered a deep emotion there—fear mingled with something else she couldn’t put her finger on. Then, suddenly, he had her pressed up against the door, his body pinning her, and he was kissing her with a fierceness that had caught her completely off guard. Pax’s hands went to both sides of her face, and he buried his fingers in her hair.
She couldn’t believe this was happening. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t help but kiss him back, and she felt like she’d never be able to stop. Her hands roamed his bare chest, and he pulled away from her lips long enough to tilt her head to one side, giving him access to her neck. She moaned, and Pax smiled between kisses, slowly working his way to her collarbone. He slid one strap of her sundress off her shoulder and started kissing there, too.

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