Friday, February 13, 2015

Scarlet and the Keepers of Light by Brandon Charles West - FREEBIE!

Scarlet and the Keepers of Light (The Scarlet Hopewell Series Book 1) by Brandon Charles West

One day her father brings home an abandoned puppy with eerie blue eyes. Dakota is fun and loving and smart. Actually, he’s really smart—too smart. And a lot too big. News shows start to take an interest, and the Hopewells' lives keep getting a little stranger.

As the beginning of the school year approaches, ominous storms have everyone on edge, and Scarlet’s dreams are becoming darker and more vivid. Her magical dream world has another side—a darker side, with no interest in joyous parties.

When the front door is blown off its hinges one night by three beautiful, sinister, silver-voiced men, Dakota leads the Hopewells in their escape—right into the world of Scarlet’s dreams.

Scarlet and the Keepers of Light, the first in a four-book teen/young adult fantasy series, has enough complexity and character to entertain an adult but is the kind of classic tale that could be read to a child. It's a story about the power of the word, and the adventure of finding the magic within.

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