Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Twelve-Step Plan by Erin Brady Review

Title: The Twelve-Step Plan
Author: Erin Brady
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Pages: 201
Price: $3.99
Thoughts: Such a funny read.

Book Synopsis:

Dr. Sadie Rollins is a well-respected college professor with a serious obsession. She’s in love with a pop star who doesn't even know she exists. It’s the kind of obsession that keeps her up at night. The kind that has her friends and family seeking medical help for her. But it’s the kind that Sadie knows she has to get out her system before it takes over her life. So, how can she do that? Believing that it will turn her dull, boring life into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, Sadie throws caution to the wind and decides to follow her very own 12-Step Plan that she is convinced will lead her to love in the limelight. The question is, will the plan lead her to the love of her life, or would she have been better off just enjoying the fantasy from afar?


I love Erin Brady's romantic comedies. They always manage to whisk me away. The way she writes and the characters she creates have the ability to make everything disappear. It's so easy to get lost in her novels. The Twelve-Step Plan is no different. I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it to anyone that loves romantic comedies.

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