Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jackie Draws A Straight: The Journey Series Book 5 by Patricia Green


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Jackie Journey, youngest of the five Journey siblings has her own story in Jackie Draws a Straight, book five of the Journey family series.

Jackie is a bit of a spoiled brat. Although she studied nursing, her secret goal is to find the right husband and start a family. Dr. Pete Kaminsky, new to Sonora, knows from the beginning of their relationship that he wants Jackie for his wife, but has to learn to deal with Jackie’s brattiness and her need to be spanked. Learning how to spank for punishment is a new experience for Pete, but he’s willing to take on the challenge.

Having seen the loving domestic discipline between her older brother Ace, and his young wife Gabriella, Jackie knows she needs that kind of discipline and Pete is the guy she wants to do it. But when Pete finds out she’s been keeping an important secret from him, there’s only one way to resolve the problem.


Jackie's older brother Ace jogged down the stairs after his wife, nodding to Jackie as he passed her. "Damn it, Gabby! I'm gonna tan your ass if you don't give me my hat back." He didn't even hesitate, going right into the family room.
Jackie inched closer, peering around the room's wide archway, curious about the scene unfolding before her. Her hair dripped uncomfortably down her neck—the rain was torrential outside—but she ignored it for the moment.
"Ace! Now, Ace…" Gabby was saying, backing into a corner of the room and putting a wingback chair between herself and her husband. Her dark eyes were wide.
Jackie knew that Gabby wasn't worried about being harmed by her bigger, older husband, but he'd threatened a spanking, so the woman was reasonably trying to avoid it. Although she knew that the Journey men had a tendency to spank, Jackie had never been spanked herself. She wondered what it felt like. Gabby seemed to find it mighty intimidating.
"Where is it, Gabby?" Ace asked, his voice low and stern.
"I…I…" Her eyes darted toward the fireplace where a pleasant crackling fire was dispelling the gloom from the stormy spring weather outside. "I.."
Ace didn't miss her look and immediately he turned to the fireplace. "Shit!" He rushed to the fire and grabbed a poker, prodding at something burning on the topmost log. "Damn it all, Gabby!" He exchanged the poker for tongs and pulled an object out of the fire, tapping it resolutely on the fireplace bricks. It was a hat brim, nearly completely burned, but still recognizable. A bit of its leather hatband hung limp and scorched from what was left of the hat's crown. "You burned my hat! You burned it!" he roared. "You li'l brat! I can't believe you burned my favorite hat!"
Gabby shrank visibly. Jackie watched with guilty anticipation, trying to be small and inconspicuous where she lingered around the archway. This was too interesting to ignore. Was Ace going to spank his wife now?

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