Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 2015 Author Q&A with V.R. Marks

A fan asked me a while back if I spent all my time daydreaming. With a day job, the official answer is no, but I have to admit, I daydream a lot. Sure, I work hard bringing those daydreams to life, but story ideas are everywhere and I find the best ones often sneak up on me when I’m not looking for them directly.

My first published romantic suspense novel, The Thief, was sparked in part by dinner with friends. Or rather our discussion over dinner about a recent class my friends had taken on geographic profiling.

When you have friends in the military sometimes dinner topics stretch the envelope, but it never fails to be interesting. They were so enthused about a new approach that focuses not just on profiling a particular kind of person, but rather narrowing down the search area for a particular kind of criminal. Greatly simplified, geographic profiling means if you study the criminal patterns (at the scene or within the case at large), you get clues to point you toward the area where the criminal most likely lives.

Fascinating stuff, but my brain locked on to a different detail. Call it a novelist's quirk.

The part of their stories that caught my attention were the tales of cooperation (or lack thereof) between law enforcement agencies. Even different departments within the same agency often had trouble sharing the right information to close a case quickly.

Thus the team of RC Investigations, a consulting firm, was born. They employ techniques like geographic profiling to connect the dots and get information to the right authorities. Smaller, and more mobile, they can assist on baffling cases going cold, or even take on private cases that might not get the right attention through typical legal means.

Now, six books later, RC Investigations is taking big strides, and going after a spy who is supposed to be dead.

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