Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Military Heroes Romantic Suspense Collection by V.R. Marks Excerpt

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This special collection contains three full length novels starring former Special Ops soldiers in their new roles as an investigative team:

The Thief:
Former Special Forces leader, Ross Carpenter left the Army to open an investigations office and has quickly built up a reputation for resolving situations people prefer to keep off the police record. When a new client accuses his former high school sweetheart of theft and worse, he's compelled to take the case. Even if it means returning to the hometown he left behind and the woman who stole his heart.

The Witness:
A former Special Forces soldier, Rick Dreyer is a surveillance expert able to recognize trouble in any guise and his simple assignment turns inside out when his target is suddenly attacked. With threats closing in and no one to trust, Rick vows to save her. But will he lose his heart in the process?

The Hostage:
Former Special Forces analyst, Eva Battaglia, used to be the hunter. Now, in the quiet town of Haleswood, SC she blends her linguistic and computer skills as the team analyst for RC Investigations. When someone from her Army days decides to exact revenge, she goes from being the hunter to the hunted in a matter of days.

Excerpt from The Thief

"Run!" Arms pumping, legs churning, she cast off the high heels that completed her cobalt business suit and prayed it would be enough. All that was left of her life was in the stylish black leather backpack looped over her shoulders.
"Run!" Her lungs burned, the humid air dragged at her. She dug deep for a higher gear, sprinting for the safety of the house. Getting caught was worse than losing the data, possibly worse than death.
She heard him gaining on her, his feet slapping the pavement just a micro-second quicker than her own.
He caught her around the middle, stealing her breath as they crashed to the street.
Heart hammering, Allie Williams leaped out of the dream, clutching her midsection and fumbling with the light. With shaking hands, she reached for the glass of water on the nightstand.
Three times this week the nightmare had left her feeling trapped and helpless. She didn't need a dream analysis or psych evaluation to tell her what it signified.
They were closing in and she was out of options.
Out of friends.
Out of time.

* * *

Ross Carpenter sat up a little straighter in the late model Ford sedan when a soft glow lit up the curtains in the second story bedroom window.
He made a note in the log and didn't need to page back to know this was the third time in five nights. In his years of security and surveillance he'd learned the guilty often had trouble sleeping.
Lucky for him, this time around the guilty party was easy on the eyes. With that lean athletic body that rocked a business suit or running gear, and the new short cap of sunny blonde hair, Allie Williams was still a sight to behold. Even after all these years.
He enjoyed his job, regardless, but on long stakeouts like this a little eye candy kept the team alert. This woman, this case, was going to need their full attention.
He'd bet his recovery bonus she didn't know exactly who was following her, but after five days on the job, he was sure she felt someone out here, watching and waiting for the right moment to haul her in.

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-V.R. Marks

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