Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 2015 Author Q&A with V.R. Marks

Q: The Witness was written in the same time frame as The Thief. How did you keep all the facts straight?

A: The hardest part of melding the plot lines between The Thief and The Witness was working forward and back from one particular email Rick sends to report on the fire at Nicole's apartment.

For some reason that detail posed a real challenge for me. I went over it time and again, making sure it coordinated and that it made sense when Rick sent it, where he and Nicole were at the time, and with what device he had available.
Continuity details are just one reason I'm grateful for my beta readers and editors. As I’ve learned more with each new book, I can’t help but think I should’ve been smart enough to avoid overlapping stories with my first two books.

Then again, I can say with confidence that ignorance was definitely bliss and just writing the stories as they wanted to be told was a super experience.

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