Sunday, April 5, 2015

Enter the Easter Egg Hunt for a Chance to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Happy Easter from A Girl and Her eBooks! Today, I thought we'd do something special. This Easter Egg Hunt is a great way to discover new authors and great books. Best of all, you'll be entered to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Please read the rules carefully before entering.


1. Answer the questions below. Links have been provided that will take you to where you need to go to discover the answer.
2. Once you've answered all the questions, send a list of your answers to with the subject line: EASTER EGG HUNT - YOUR NAME.
3. Only enter once. Duplicate entries will be trashed.
4. Those with the correct answers will be added to the drawing and a winner will be chosen at random.
5. Answers must be submitted by Friday April 10th at 11:59PM EST
6. A winner will be drawn on Saturday April 11th. The winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.


1. What USA Today bestselling author gave Ruth A. Casie's new book, Knight of Rapture, a stellar review on Amazon?

2.The Journey family's home base is located where?  HINT

3 In the time travel aspect of The Winner: Romantek, in what year does Audrey's adventure take place? 

4 How "done" is the draft of my latest book, Striker? (Hint: not editing and beta.)

5.  What is the name of Miro's human friend? (hint: answer can be found in the Look inside part of "Miro the Dragon")

6. Who is the main character in "The Enchanted Garden"?

7. Who is fighting in the opening scene in "Pirates, Pirates!"? (hint: answer can be found in the Look inside part of "Pirates, Pirates!"

8. According to the cover art of Sam's Story: Book One by Amy D. Crusan-Kramer, what are the names of Sam's dog and horse? 

9. In Sam's Story: Book Two by Amy D. Crusan-Kramer, Sam works for the vice presidential candidate's campaign for the 1992 presidential election.  Based on the book's cover artwork, what were the last names of the presidential and vice presidential candidates that she campaigned for? 

10.  Sam's Story: Book Three by Amy D. Crusan-Kramer, finds Sam in a new relationship.  What important position does her new romantic interest hold? 

11. Name the two Elvis songs referenced in the description of Peggy Webb's new comedic cozy, ELVIS AND THE BURIED BRIDES (A Southern Cousins Mystery plus bonus short story and cookbook).

12. Who is the hunk Elvis fears will be left standing at the altar in Peggy Webb's hilarious new cozy, ELVIS AND THE BURIED BRIDES (A Southern Cousins Mystery plus bonus short story and cookbook)?

13. What will make you cheer for Maggie in Peggy Webb's beautiful new women's fiction novel, STARS TO LEAD ME HOME?

14. "If you like _______ , you'll like Becky Clark." (Hint: Check the review section of Banana Bamboozle)

15. What's the name of the adorable dog in MARSHMALLOW MAYHEM?

16. What are you a "member in good standing" of when you sign up for Becky Clark's So Seldom It's Shameful News? (Hint: Join the newsletter to get the answer.)

17. What does Amy Martin like to do when not reading or writing?

18. What are the hero's and heroine's names in In Your Dreams?

19. How many books are in the In Your Dreams series?

20. What's the setting of Cora Maxine's Choices: Make Me Paranormal?

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