Thursday, April 23, 2015

His Vampire Past: A Romance In Central City, Novella Four by Jordan K. Rose

The hunt is on.

Panthera Laboratories wants a vampire for their experiments. But not just any vampire. They want The Vampire Guard’s leader. The best way to lure him to them is to find his weakness. Who does Serge love?

In all his 800 years Serge has not allowed himself to feel the deep and honest love of a woman. Not until he meets the lovely gas station attendant at one of Central City’s convenience marts. Something about the woman draws him back night after night. It’s not just the sweet taste of her blood that intoxicates him. She is the light in his dark world. He finds himself talking to her for hours at a time, unburdening himself of his deepest, darkest sins.

Harriet Winslow has heard the tales of vampires. Rumors. Myths. Nothing more. At least that’s what she thought until the sexy stranger arrives. At first she’s unable to remember the details of his nightly visits. But in only a few nights time she can no longer forget the sound of his voice. The scent of his body. The details of his terrifying past, or the feel of his lips on her skin. She’ll never be able to forget him. She never wants to lose him.

When Serge realizes his selfish need for acceptance has put Harriet in danger, he’s forced to move her from Central City, to send her as far away from him as possible to keep her safe. But can he live without her near him? Will she forgive him for destroying her life?  


Serge cradled his head in both hands, pressing his thumbs into his temples as hard as he could in hopes of relieving the monumental headache jackhammering his brain.
He needed to think. Why couldn’t he keep Harriet subdued? He was the leader of one of the deadliest organizations to ever exist. He’d lived centuries, honed his prowess to the point of being able to unconsciously use it. 
Why had he suddenly lost his power to influence this woman? And did it now apply to everyone? 
Sleep. He thought the word as though he was ordering a member of The Guard into battle. 
“No.” Harriet yawned loudly. “I’m not tired,” she called from the other room. “And stop telling me what to do. It’s rude.” 
Sleep, my sweet. He tried a more seductive approach, one that generally worked on everyone. 
She whimpered in the sexiest way. “Oh.” She gasped. “Say it again.”
Sleep, my sweet. His voice lulled and he held the tone she loved, the one he’d used on her several times before. The deep rhythmic tenor had landed her helplessly in his arms. It also made him struggle to keep from claiming every last inch of her for himself. 
“I’m still not tired, but I love it when you talk to me that way.” She leaned on the doorframe, one leg bent at the knee. “That is the hottest thing I’ve ever heard.” She sighed. “Say something else.”
Serge jumped. “What are you doing?” His voice rose a couple octaves and he hated hearing it. “How could you…” He stopped speaking and stared at her.
She was a sight to behold. Tousled red hair hung around her shoulders. Golden flecks shimmered in her hazel eyes above rosy cheeks. A sly smile graced her lips. 
In a silent war Serge fought with his body to keep from responding. The tips of his fangs broke through his gums, and he clamped his mouth shut. His cock hardened, pointing itself sideways in his jeans, and he tightened every muscle in his body trying to keep it from announcing its awakening. 
The top two buttons of her wrinkled shirt were open, giving him a peek of a pale blue satin bra. The shirt was untucked from her pants, and he couldn’t help but think of ripping it open to kiss her shoulders and chest right down to her belly.
“Are you all right? You look angry.” She bounced closer, and Serge’s attention centered on the movement of her breasts. He forced his gaze to the floor, hoping his mind would forget the way her creamy flesh beckoned.

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