Thursday, April 30, 2015

Peete and Repeat by Karen Musser Nortman - FREEBIE!



An IndieBRAG Medallion Honoree. A biking and camping trip to southeastern Minnesota turns into double trouble for Frannie Shoemaker and her friends as she deals with a canoeing mishap and a couple of bodies. Strange happenings in the campground, the nearby nature learning center, and an old power plant complicate the suspect pool and Frannie tries to stay out of it--really--but what can she do? After all, she is only curious, but sometimes it isn't just cats who have trouble with that!


She fingered the glass stone on the chain at her neck and heard someone on the stairs. Footsteps crossed the floor of the other room.
She unzipped her backpack and set it on the floor just inside the door and walked through, expecting to see Richard. Instead, Valerie rounded the corner of the old machinery. They both registered the same shocked expression. Time seemed to stop as each woman realized the implications of the other one's presence.
Virginia said, "Valerie! But—“
Valerie's eyes were drawn to her sister's hand clasping the pendant and all the heartbreak of the last four years exploded as she lashed out. "My necklace! I thought you hadn't seen it! And I thought you were sick!" With each word that she hissed, she moved closer into Virginia's face. Virginia started to back up.
"No what?" Valerie's voice got even higher and more menacing. "You pretended you were me and broke it off with Richard once and now you're trying to do it again. I had to marry Ron so that you could marry Dan." She exploded and screamed, "You cannot stand for me to have a life of my own!"
Valerie's shrill voice covered up the scuffing sound of more footsteps coming from the opposite corner of the room.

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