Friday, May 29, 2015

Background on the RC Investigations Team Created by V.R. Marks

Readers often ask me for a brief rundown of the RC Investigations series and it’s always a pleasure to share more details about these characters who feel as real as family to me.

The RC Investigations novels feature a team founded by Ross Carpenter and his closest friends, Rick Dreyer and Eva Battaglia. They worked together with an Army Special Ops team and now they specialize in investigative work for clients who prefer to keep things off the public record. Their specialized investigations approach also bridges the gap for overworked law enforcement departments. 

The characters really came to life for me as I wrote The Thief and with each book, it's fun to see those relationships develop as they protect and assist each other through various challenges.

Ross and Allie take the leading roles in The Thief:
Allie Williams is on the run with incriminating evidence proving her company's new wonder-drug is lethal. In a last ditch effort to save lives, she races to the safety of her hometown, hiding in plain sight among the close knit community where she'll definitely be innocent until proven guilty.

The Witness stars Rick and Nicole:
The sole witness to murder, Nicole Livingston has been living a shadow of the life she once dreamed of. When her apartment building goes up in flames, she sees a chance to escape her protected identity and reclaim life on her terms. But her plan goes awry when a handsome stranger intervenes, offering assistance she didn't know she needed.

The Hostage features Eva and Carson:
Former Special Forces analyst, Eva Battaglia, used to be the hunter. Now, in the quiet town of Haleswood, SC she blends her linguistic and computer skills as the team analyst for RC Investigations. When someone from her Army days decides to exact revenge, she goes from being the hunter to the hunted in a matter of days.

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