Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Desert Fate (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 3) by Anna Lowe

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Kyle Williams is just a lone wolf trying to settle in to a new skin. But when the brown-eyed girl from his past turns up, bloodied by a rival male, the instinct to protect overrides everything else—including duty to his pack.

Stefanie Alt is a woman on the run, and fate is hot on her heels. The only one who can help her is the neighborhood bad boy she once knew. But even after one hot night under the desert moon, Stefanie isn’t sure she can trust him—or herself.

There’s more than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch, home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love.


“Just leave me alone,” she said, though her fingers were gripping him
“You need help.”
“I need to be left alone.”
A memory kicked toward the surface from the depths of his memory. He’d
said exactly those words when he first came to Twin Moon Ranch. Lucky no
one had heeded him.
“Believe me, you need help.”
“No one can help me.”
He took in her matted hair, the dark lines under her eyes, and wondered
how long she’d been on the run. He took a deep breath, reminding himself
not to get too involved. He had to do a lot of that in his job. Usually,
he could tune out, step back. But this time, his wolf was stirring, his
nostrils flaring to catch more of that alluring scent.
He leaned in with a whisper. “I know what you are.”
He saw her eyes go wide and her body stiffen, though she tried to
strike a nonchalant pose. She was proud, that was clear. Reluctant to
show weakness. He knew the type; saw it in the mirror a couple of times
a day. Or at least, the few times he bothered looking.
“And what am I?”
He looked at the colors swirling in her eyes, the inner wolf begging
for release.
“You’re the same as me.”

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