Monday, May 4, 2015

Illuminarium by Truth Devour - Get a FREE Copy!

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Understanding does not by default equate to truth because perspective will always be a relative state of shifting sands founded on our limited knowledge at any given point within a spectrum of time.

Change is inevitable.


Message From the Author:

Take the journey with me ….
Super Review Crew

Soliloquy’s Labyrinth Series
Contemporary Fantasy / Paranormal

I'd like to put together a team of bookworms who enjoy reading & review contemporary fiction to participate in the assessment of my entire series as it is released. (Est. 5 Series). The Super Review Crew will receive advance notification of upcoming releases which includes things like cover reveals, release dates & a guaranteed spot to be among the first to hold the opportunity to review the E-book for free.

How it works?

Join the Super Review Crew mailing list to confirm you would like to participate. All readers selected on the team must be able to download the book via AMAZON USA as this is where the gift card is issued from. This is an E-Book review.

All participants are asked to post a star rating & review to AMAZON & Goodreads at a minimum. If you are able to Blog, post on social media this is treasured and much appreciated but completely up to you.

I'm looking for open & honest reviews so no opinion will be vetted, squashed or edited by me.  I want you to place your review directly to the sites you are connected with. I will read them there & always be grateful for your participation.

Spread the word to your friends who might be interested, book clubs ~ all are welcome.

For registration go to:

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