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Rogue's Mistress by Eguenia Riley Excerpt

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Available Again at Last: Eugenia Riley’s Breathtaking Guardian/Ward Romance Set in the Steamy Old South!


They called him “Julian the Terrible.” Handsome, well-born, and hot-blooded, Julian Devereux gambled, drank, seduced women, and fought duels beneath The Oaks. The one soft spot in his heart was for his beautiful young ward, Mercy O’Shea. Julian had rescued nine-year-old Mercy on that terrible, long-ago night when he was compelled to kill her father. Wracked by guilt, Julian sponsored Mercy’s education and saw to her every need—even though the spirited young miss swore to hate him forever. But now Mercy has blossomed into a passionate, headstrong young woman, and Julian must wonder if he can save her from himself.


At eighteen, Mercy O’Shea is ready to escape her relationship with her handsome but arrogant guardian, Julian Devereux. Deliberately slighting Julian, Mercy accepts a marriage proposal from a young man Julian deems unsuitable. Furious when Julian rejects her suitor, Mercy vows to defy him, and soon discovers the horrifying, fascinating truth—that her guardian actually wants her for himself, and is even willing to blackmail her into marriage!

Pride and passion explode between the strong-willed lovers as Mercy becomes Julian’s unwilling bride. Convinced that Julian only desires her physically, Mercy is determined to hide the devastating attraction she feels toward her dark, sexy husband. Julian guards his own heart, unable to reveal to Mercy that he wants her not just as a mistress but as a cherished wife. Can their fragile relationship survive all the secrets of their tortured pasts and bring love and healing to their shattered hearts?

Rogue’s Mistress is a fiery, touching and sensual historical romance set in glittering antebellum New Orleans. Approximately 120,000 words. Eugenia Riley is the renowned, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary, and time-travel romances, including the classics A Tryst in Time and Bushwhacked Bride. She has written for publishers including Avon, Bantam, Warner, Harlequin and Dorchester.

An Excerpt From Rogue’s Mistress by Eugenia Riley:

Call me Julian.

“Sweet Mercy,” Julian murmured, roving his lips over her cheek. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?”
“Please,” she murmured.
“Please what?”
“Please don’t.”
But he only drew her closer still, whispering against her ear, his breath hot and sweet. “Do you hate me so much, Mercy? Don’t you know you’ve been driving me insane for years with that bright red hair, those huge green eyes? And that prim little uniform—just daring me to unwrap you and see what you’re really like inside.”
“M’sieur, this is—”
“Honest?” he supplied. “Ah, yes, I think it’s high time for some honesty between us.”
Even as Mercy trembled in confusion and uncertain desire, Julian drew back slightly and looked down into her wide eyes. “So tell me, what are you really like inside, Mercy? Are you as cold, aloof, and unforgiving as your fa├žade? Or are you as hot and passionate as a flame—as hot as that mane of wild red hair?”
Mercy was so horrified and fascinated by his words, she could only stare at him. Finally she stammered, “M’sieur—”
“Damn it, girl, call me m’sieur again and I’ll see you live to regret it,” he growled with sudden ill-humor. “Call me Julian.”
He grasped her chin in a near-painful grip, forcing her willful eyes up to his. “Call me Julian,” he repeated in a frightening voice.
“Hate me if you must,” he continued ruthlessly, “but you will know who I am.”
When he kissed her again, a sob died in her throat. Her fists clenched against his back, then unclenched . . . He sensed her softening and gentled his approach, snaking his tongue in and out of her mouth in a blatantly sensual way. Mercy’s stomach hurt and her toes began to curl. She felt bewildered and helplessly vulnerable.
Suddenly, his hands were everywhere on her, raking down her spine, tangling in her hair. The thumb of one hand settled on the taut nipple of one breast, stroking audaciously, while he splayed the fingers of his other hand firmly over her bottom, pressing her into something so tantalizing and hard . . .
Mercy was losing her mind. Her breasts throbbed where Julian touched her, and deep in the pit of her stomach, a need was gnawing, growing, and seemed to yearn traitorously for the hot instrument now pulsing against her. Oh, what was wrong with her? How could she hurt so much yet feel so good, and know all the while that only he could ease this sweet, wonderful aching?
“Say it,” he demanded.
“Julian,” she sobbed.

Copyright © 1991 by Eugenia Riley Essenmacher

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