Friday, June 12, 2015

Spotlight on The Informant by V.R. Marks

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A dead body is no way to start the day... a fake marriage makes it a special brand of hell.

When her witness is murdered, DEA Agent Hannah Thalberg knows she's the next target. The only way she can stay close to the case is to lie about getting married and hope her one-time lover goes along with the deception.
Karl 'Bart' Bartholomew's Army career ended his first marriage before an injury ended his career. Now the owner of a popular truck stop, he stays close to the action by keeping local DEA and law enforcement informed of suspicious activity.
Can Hannah and Bart break the case and save lives before the passion between them breaks apart their friendship?

Excerpt from The Informant

"Your witness is dead." The statement was accompanied by the loud slap of a file hitting the desk. Pictures of the crime scene spilled out.
Special Agent Hannah Thalberg didn't want to look. Not at the pictures and definitely not at her boss. But she was a professional so she straightened the paperwork and opened the file properly.
A few days ago, she'd met with the young woman who wanted to exchange information about a mobile meth lab for a better life for her and the baby she was carrying. Instead, they'd been ambushed by three gangbangers loyal to Carlos Gonzales, the witness' boyfriend with known ties to an ambitious Mexican cartel.
Outgunned, three to one, it was only a matter of time before the crew sent to recover Krystal succeeded. Hannah had taken a grazing shot across her upper arm, but they'd taken her witness and disappeared. Considering the cartel's established pattern of brutally silencing witnesses and then going after the agent who'd tempted them to turn, she'd been leashed to her desk for her own safety. For three days she'd seen nothing but the inside of this office and been shadowed every step by the mandatory protective detail.
Hannah was weary of the restrictions and extra eyes watching her every move. There was no privacy and some things she just wasn't ready to share. Not even within the parameters of a mundane report. Especially since… but she couldn't think about that now. She had to focus on one thing at a time.
"When and where was she found?"
"Last night in the dumpster out back. She couldn't have been there more than a day. The garbage men found her during their route, called it in."
Hannah looked up. "I beg your pardon? She was dumped here at our office?"
"Sends a message, doesn't it?"
Maybe the protective detail was a good thing after all. She forced herself to examine the pictures, willing her stomach to settle. Having never been squeamish about these things, it would raise too many questions if she turned green – or worse – now.
Gruesome didn't begin to cover it. The scene was raw and her heart dropped at the sight of Krystal's body marred head to toe with burns, bruises, and lacerations of a lengthy, violent interrogation. She'd done that. In her determination to break up the mobile meth lab system, she'd gotten this girl and her baby killed.
Hannah turned the page and skimmed the coroner's report. The photos attached were worse. Somehow cleaning away the dirt and gore only illuminated the terrible pain Krystal had endured in her last hours.
She reached over for a sticky note and wrote down two names, then pressed the note to the preliminary report.
"What's that?" Her boss tilted his head.
"Baby names. She deserves to have her baby listed as a victim. By name."

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-V.R. Marks

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