Friday, July 31, 2015

Aegis Incursion by S. S. Segran

$3.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


#1 Hot New Release - Worlds Collide . Heroes Arise (read as a standalone)

"An electrifying thrill-ride over Hunger Games, Maze Runner & Percy Jackson territory." ~Amazon Reviewer~


On a bright July morning in 1948, a B-29 Superfortress flying a top-secret research mission over Nevada crashes into the calm waters of Lake Mead and sinks, remaining lost for half a century.
It has been nearly a year since five friends - Jag, Kody, Mariah, Tegan and Aari - mysteriously reappeared in a small town in Yukon several weeks after their small plane went down in Northern Canada. All were found unharmed but with no recollection of what happened to them after the accident.

A baffling contagion is spreading across the bread-basket of North America destroying vital crops. As this dark shadow marches across the globe, widespread famine and riots bring desperate nations to the brink of war.

These seemingly unrelated events set the stage for a battle between the forces of darkness and those destined to become the 'bearers of light'. From ravaged fields in the Great Plains to clandestine installations around the world, the Aegis League must race against time to save humanity.

Praise for the Aegis League Series


  • What a blast! A roller coaster ride filled with heart-pounding action and a gripping plot that leaves the reader devouring every page...” ~ John Kirk, As Seen on TV~
  • "Astonishingly imaginative and thoughtful..." ~Samuel F Pickering - Professor Emeritus of English, University of Connecticut and inspiration for the movie Dead Poets Society~
  • Relentless action and gravity-defying twists and turns hold the reader in a tight grip till the last page.” ~ Honore Gbedze ”" The SAGE Foundation ~
  • "Unique and compelling! Aegis Incursion is well-positioned to win over fans of Maze Runner, Divergent, Percy Jackson and Hunger Games." ~Michael Beas - Bestselling Author of 'Strump: A World of Shadows' ~

˃˃˃ Awards & Recognition for Aegis League


> Recipient of the coveted B.R.A.G. MEDALLION
> #1 Amazon Kindle BESTSELLER - Teen/YA, Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi.

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