Thursday, July 2, 2015

Duchess of Mine by Red L. Jameson Excerpt


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**Book 4 of The Glimpse Time Travel Series, where mythical muses play naughty matchmakers**

Seventeenth century Highlander Michael Cameron should have been prepared for his journey to Philadelphia in 1895. After all, it wasn't the first time he'd been kidnapped by two mischievous muses, who delighted in taking him by surprise and shuffling him off to far-flung lands and eras. But nothing could have readied him for angelic Gabriella Murray, the Duchess of Northampton. She’s a beautiful, lovely, gorgeous—did he mention just how bonny Gabby is?—duchess, and he’s a lowly Scot. How is he going to solve the missing children case the muses have given him with such a distracting woman?

Becoming friends with a muse, Gabby feels her life has taken a turn for the fantastic, which suits her fine, since being a duchess is gray and depressing. So, when that muse asks her to go on an adventure imitating her idol, Sherlock Holmes, of course she says yes. However, Michael, who is to play her Dr. Watson, is quite possibly the most handsome and intriguing Highlander she’s ever encountered. Lord, Sherlock never had to contend with an overwhelming desire for Watson. How can she concentrate on the case when he’s more fun than she’s ever had before?

As Michael and Gabby hunt through the mean streets of cities such as Chicago and Detroit, they dive deeper into a world of danger and violence. Fighting against their growing attraction to each other, they race against time to find the children, knowing that with every corner they turn, they might be too late.


“So,” his smile waned, “the point of that long story is there are some men who wouldn’t want ye to be invisible, wouldn’t want ye to not have a say. That’s a double negative sentence, ‘tisn’t it?”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“It does. I asked Polymnia to tutor me with grammar, and I’m really tryin’ to sound—”
“Absolutely perfect, Michael. You sounded perfect.”
“Nay, it didn’t.”
“Oh, shut u—”
“Did ye almost tell me to shut up?”
She covered her mouth with her fingers. “I’m sorry, but I nearly did.”
“Ye more or less told me to shut up.” He frowned, but she noticed his dark hazel eyes twinkling.
“Again, terribly sorry about that.” She folded her hands together. “But I well-nigh did.”
“Was the nigh for my sake, being I’m a thousand years old?”
“Of course it was, you fossil. As I was saying, your sentence was perfect. I loved it. And if you try to correct it, I’ll—”
“You’ll do what?” Now, he held a tiny smile as he leaned closer, domineering over her.
She pushed against his massive chest, but he wouldn’t budge, which—oddly enough—made her laugh. “You must stop this, Michael. I’m giving you fair warning.”
He scooted even closer, towering even more over her. “What are ye goin’ to do, Gabby?” His voice was low and turned into velvet.
She shook her head once. “I’m warning you…”
“Aye. But ye’d better follow through with yer threat.”
She sighed as if annoyed, to which she wasn’t in the least. “Very well then.”
He started to smile even wider, but then she leaned closer. He stilled as she tilted her head just so, her visage even with his neck. He wore a modern shirtfront with a blue cravat that matched his dapper kilt. However, his collar wasn’t too high and revealed a wildly beating vein. His scent enveloped her as she glided her nose against that pumping vein. His breath hitched. Oh, she liked this game. Perhaps loved it a little.
Then she bit him right on that vulnerable mark where her nose had been. She’d masticated hard enough for him to draw away, sucking in a breath.
She batted her eyes and smiled coyly. “I did warn you.”
“Vicious wee thing, aren’t ye?” he whispered, holding his hand over her bite mark. “Why, I have in mind to take ye over my knee and spank ye.”


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Duchess of Mine! Hugs!

  2. Wonderful excerpt, Red! Wonderful. Many hugs.

  3. This is a new author to me, but I love a good time travel story. I'll check this one out. Thanks.

  4. Can't wait to check this out!

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