Friday, July 24, 2015

His Proposal, Their Forever by Melissa McClone


Barnes & Noble

Available: Justin McMillian, real estate developer
Age: 32 (or 224 in dog years)

Justin McMillian has brown hair and blue eyes and he loves women. He's had just one previous owner, but we believe he can be trained. Currently, he is intent on tearing down the Broughton Inn, and he needs the right woman to refocus his energies. If you take Justin on, you will be richly rewarded with passionate kisses…even if he thinks he's not yet ready for forever.

Stubborn artist Bailey Cole is interested in taking home this handsome stray…but Justin plans to destroy the historic inn she adores. He could ruin her life's work in one fell swoop! We are optimistic that one special person can counteract Justin's temperamental issues—but could that be Bailey?

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