Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cuban Grit: A Modern Tale of Revolution by John Phillips

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Cuban Grit uses a combination of suspense, action, and romance to tell a captivating story of a future revolution in Cuba, all the while diving into topics such as personal freedoms, the relationship between Cuba and the United States, and the power of the news media.

When the oppressive ruler of Cuba stepped down in 2018, the Cuban people led by Javier Hernandez started a revolution to prevent another oppressive ruler from taking power. Javier’s beloved wife Vanessa Hernandez was publicly assassinated by an unidentified sniper while peacefully protesting in December 2018. Her death led to worldwide outrage and ultimately the United States backing the revolution. With the help of the United States military, the rebels were able to overthrow the oppressive government on June 26, 2019. The Cuban people were led to believe that the United States military would only occupy Cuba for a one year reconstruction period in order to maintain peace while a new democratic government was created. Several years have now passed, and the United States military presence has increased to the point of militant rule. It now appears that Cuba traded one oppressive ruler for another, and the Cuban people are growing restless for the freedom they believe they deserve.

Meanwhile in the United States, first generation, Cuban-American, Chevita Diaz, is an American news reporter that begins to question the purpose of the United States military in Cuba, and what it may mean for the upcoming 2026 election. Chevita observes that the United States government is becoming more and more powerful, and she is concerned about the future of her country. If Chevita and Javier can keep from letting their feelings for each other stand in the way of their goals, they just may form the perfect partnership to change the world.


John Phillips was born in Portsmouth, VA on February 20, 1984, and was raised by his single Dad, Terry, in Chesapeake, VA.  After graduating from Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, VA he attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk Virginia where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering in May 2006.  Upon Graduation John began his career as a Mechanical Engineer.  In December 2010 I graduated with a Master’s in Engineering Management also from ODU.  John decided from an early age that he would not let his career define him as a person.  He vowed to himself to continue learning and evolving as a person beyond his college experience and professional career.

He now lives a couple hundred yards from the ocean in Virginia Beach with his fiancée Morgan Sandberg, and two dogs Mickey (French Bulldog) and Lexie (St Bernard).  John's hobbies include golf, surfing, and fishing.  He played baseball throughout high school at Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, VA, and growing up a baseball fan he has always been fascinated with Cuba and the baseball players that came from Cuba.  Although he has lived in the Hampton Roads Virginia area his entire life, he enjoys traveling all over the world to gain a perspective of different cultures.

Inspiration as stated from the Author:  The inspiration for Cuban Grit came when I watched the 30-for-30 special on ESPN titled, Brothers in Exile, about Livan and Orlando Hernandez.  Livan and Orlando are Cuban half-brothers that both defected to pitch in the major leagues.  After watching the 30-for-30 special, I had a dream that I was in a coffee shop in Havana when a group of American Soldiers walked in.  After waking up I thought up the whole storyline and wrote Cuban Grit in six weeks.

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