Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Devil's Own Bargain (London Lords Book 1) by Mary Gillgannon


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Desperate for funds to save the crumbling family estate, Devon Langley, earl of Northrup, has no choice but to make the “devil’s own bargain”. In exchange for 100,000 pounds, he agrees to wed cloth merchant Merton Beaumont’s only daughter.

Caroline Beaumont is appalled to discover her father has all but sold her into marriage to the forbidding earl. Yet realizing her doting father desires a noble grandson above all else, she decides to make the best of things. She also finds herself intrigued by her darkly handsome, mysterious husband.

Devon discovers his new wife isn’t the crude, ill-mannered little “cit” he anticipated. Indeed, he soon finds himself falling for her ethereal blond beauty, even as her genuineness and warmth begin to heal his wounded heart. But the diabolical plot of a madman threatens to shatter their tenuous bond and destroy all their hopes for love and happiness.

Note: Devil’s Own Bargain was previously published as The Man She Married under the pseudonym Molly Marcort.

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  1. This looks really good. Entering contest under name of Virginia


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