Friday, September 11, 2015

Beatrice & the Shifter by Jordan K. Rose


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Is there such thing as too much foreplay? Beatrice has spent the last year mercilessly flirting with her sexy neighbor. When the opportunity to take their encounters to the next step, there’s only one thing that stands in their way. Can reality ruin the fantasy?

Welcome to Seductions. Step into the most popular bar in New England and enter a world where Others live side-by-side with unsuspecting humans. At Seductions the drinks are always tasty, the romance is always hot, and the patrons aren’t always human.

The Short Seductions Series is a collection of ten spicy paranormal romance short stories, each of roughly 8,000 words in length. These hot little love stories are short enough to enjoy on your lunch break, but long enough to satisfy any romance reader. Each sensual tale tells the romantic journey of a different hero and heroine.

Come on in. Have a drink. Enjoy a quickie happily-ever-after.


There's nothing like a good tease, but what happens when the teasing goes on for over a year?

Beatrice soon finds herself being teased into a frenzy by the most sexy man she's ever seen. All she has to do is guess what type of Other he is and she'll have all her sexual desires fulfilled. The only problem is she doesn't know what types of Others exist, aside from the most obvious choices. Can she guess or will she be left sexually frustrated?

Another great read in this series! I love these short reads. They are so, so hot and each is more unique than the last. If you love paranormal erotica, you'll love this series.

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