Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Earl of Scandal (London Lords Book 2) by Mary Gillgannon


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When Christian Faraday wakes up in bed next to the wife of one his friends, he decides his life of pleasure-seeking and debauchery has gone too far. He vows to make a change and leaves London to seek a new start. On the way to a friend’s country home, he narrowly escapes a serious carriage accident. The driver of the other vehicle is Merissa Cassell, a pert, no-nonsense country miss who disdains all noblemen. As she berates him for his carelessness, Christian is intrigued. He’s never before encountered any woman like this tart-tongued rector’s daughter.

Although she tells herself that she has utter contempt for the arrogant Londoner, Merissa can’t help how her body reacts to Christian’s dazzling blue eyes, imposing physique and lazy charm. Realizing she can hardly leave him to freeze by the side of the road, she takes him back to the family home. Christian expects spending the night at the Cassell’s simple farmhouse will be a tedious bore. Instead, he is touched by Merissa’s sister Elizabeth’s warmth and hospitality. And the more he is around Merissa, the more intensely he finds himself drawn by her fresh-faced prettiness and stunningly independent attitude.

He tells himself it would be completely inappropriate to pursue an innocent like her, a denial of his vow to change his wastrel ways. But when a family crisis forces Merissa to make a scandalous proposition, Christian begins to realize this isn’t one of his usual dalliances, but an affair that will turn everything upside down and change his life forever.

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