Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Life, Soul Being Soul without Drama by Carrie Louise

Discovering the Authentic Self
By Carrie Louise

Life, Soul Being Soul
without Drama
Discovering the
Authentic Self
By Carrie Louise

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“I have just had, for me, a life altering revelation. The most destructive behavior/thinking/belief I act out is drama. There are more names and hiding places for drama than I ever realized until a few moments ago. The negative effects include sabotaging Universal synchronicities not to mention drama’s effect on the authentic self and faith.” clh January 2014

How does the process of discovering the authentic self happen? After the introduction, Life, Soul Being Soul without Drama is a compilation of randomly arranged pages, each page with a separate focus on one facet of drama. The process begins with two-minutes of quiet focus as the reader’s intuition chooses his/her daily page from among more than 150 pages. Because the interpretation of the page is left up to the reader (not the author), the content of the chosen page is amazingly relevant for the reader. The reader’s direct involvement in the process: the choosing, the interpretation, the application, and a subsequent awareness is very empowering. Day by day, this awareness translates into choices made, ultimately replacing drama with authenticity.

Please keep in mind that this book’s intended effectiveness will be achieved when reading just one intuitively chosen page each day. This creates each person’s pace and direction, which will be missed if reading cover to cover. It is a book to last a lifetime.

A sample of page titles: Avoidance, Repetitious Failure, Denial, Uncovering and Replacing Fear, Freedom, My Best Friend, Balance, Doing Nothing, Consider an Acting Class, and From Here to There.

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