Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The One Behind the Psychologist by Courtland O.K. Smith

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New York City psychologist Dr. Nicholas Thesiger has lost his wife, his private practice, and all remnants of his former privileged life. Now he is looking back, parsing the layers of lies and deceit, and reliving the time leading up to his incarceration as he struggles to understand what went wrong, how he went wrong. But years of assuming different personalities to aid his patients’ therapy, a technique he picked up in graduate school, has left him unsure of what is real and what is construct. Step inside the doctor’s life, inside his home, inside his office, inside his head and find out what is behind the psychologist.

First in the Behind the Psychologist Trilogy

— The One Behind the Psychologist —
The Two Behind the Psychologist
The Three Behind the Psychologist

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