Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Teen Life, Soul Being Soul by Carrie Louise Excerpt


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A Unique, Simple, and Friendly book that provides easy access for enhancing the whole you. If you have ever read words that seemed meant just for you, and you wanted to keep them close to you, Teen Life, Soul Being Soul makes this experience possible on a daily basis.

What do you find yourself worrying about? Everyone has worries. We spend a part of our day tossing around a worry, often without finding an answer. It's rather like playing a sport where all the players are throwing around several balls and rarely making points.

Sometimes we want and need to practice focusing.

This book provides each reader with a unique, simple, and friendly way to add daily focus to his or her life.

A proven way to make your book effective is for you to randomly choose one word each day. And, although you may not realize it, by turning your attention to that word a few short times during the day, you will experience less worry and be more focused.

You'll now find that you are officially involved in your life, and that the process has probably happened rather easily.

Life will soon change from hours of randomly tossing around a ball (worrying) into days with a greater possibility of scoring points (being happier).


I realized that a positive, one-word concept upon which to focus each day was exactly what I needed. It was easy to add into my routine, was compatible with my beliefs, and didn’t interfere with other meaningful and enjoyable materials I might be using.

I soon also realized that the ‘random’ choice of a word wasn’t at all random. I came to know that the word choice came from my belief in God, The Universe, a higher power. If the relevance of the word wasn’t apparent to me right away, it became obvious by the end of the day. I might start out with the word ‘kind’ and wonder to whom I needed to be kind? I’d watch and listen to myself and finally understand that it was me who needed kind thoughts and words from me.

This work is based on the following principles:

  • Knowledge is within & waiting to be discovered;
  • Knowledge and action provide long-lasting results; and
  • The mind is our mission control.

The mind begins each life-event. Listen to those who are happily doing what they love. They can most likely tell you that this is what they wanted to do. They dreamed, planned, learned, worked, and played, all with a conscious or sub-conscious intention of accomplishing this as a future goal. They had faith. Desire, focus, and action were daily routines. If there were set backs, they dealt with them the best they knew how. Then they moved forward.

Affirmative words and thoughts give life forward movement. Add daily action. Given time (patience and faith often needed) the dream will materialize via God’s timing and your efforts. Neighborhoods, economics, and outfits ultimately have no bearing on the results – unless we believe they do!

Each daily word page is chosen ‘randomly’ using intuition rather than ego. Because each reader is unique, there are words they won’t need as a focus. There are other words that will be repeated when needed. Each of the more than 200 word pages has the words ‘I AM’ followed by one word repeated seven times. What follows is a sampling of daily word choices:

joy needed receiving now

natural responsible listening real

listener optimist shimmering letting go

lovable pleased student life

possible sight laughter prepared


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