Saturday, December 19, 2015

Surface: Sonata's Moon Book 1 by Patricia Green Excerpt


The year is 2145, and a terrible war plagues the North American Union. It's a time when "free love" has cycled back, touching the social mores and habits of people everywhere. But Sonata McLir has held herself apart for much longer than the norm. The time for her to jump into the desperate parties and hurried relationships is only beginning. She's begun a love affair but stubbornly refuses to see it's not right for her. 

Mikhail Andropov is a psychology professor with a knack for listening to people and caring. Upon meeting Sonata, he is very attracted to her, but she's in a relationship with his best friend. It's a destructive relationship, but he doesn't know how to tell her or that she's ready to hear it. He formulates a plan he hopes will be enough to teach her she's not a jaded man's plaything; she has much more to offer. 

The war escalates. Along with close friends, they've built an amazing shelter underground in the countryside not far from Los Angeles. The tricky part is getting there in case the ultimate cataclysm happens and the nuclear bombs drop nearby. Sonata and Mikhail, and a group of their friends, struggle with the dilemma as well as their incendiary interpersonal bonds in Surface: Sonata’s Moon Book One

Note: This book is part one of a two-book erotic romance SERIAL set. If you read book one, you'll want to read book two to discover the conclusion to the romance, the war, and the relationships of all the people involved. Look for Sanctuary: Sonata’s Moon Book Two when you're ready to find out what happens next.


Charles preceded Mikhail into the narrow foyer and headed for the bathroom to start the bath water circulating, heating, and the water jets going. Mikhail followed him, noting the black, tall-heeled women’s shoes on the table by the front door. If Sonata remained in the house, how might Charles react? He didn’t have to wonder long for the answer.

“Sonata, damn it! Whatever are you still doing here?” Charles barked as he stood in the doorway to his bedroom. Sonata rolled from the bed, surprise and hurt in her eyes, her face falling from the joy which had been there a moment before.

“I-I just woke up a few minutes ago, Charles. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you’d be upset to see me.” Her hands held the sheet to her breasts like a shield. Charles’s face was dark, jaw tight, his brows drawn into a scowl. Mikhail stood silently nearby.

“You must have something to do today. You’d better go and do it,” Charles said in a tight voice, as though trying not to shout. Embarrassed at the domestic discord, Mikhail went past Charles, though the hallway, and into the bathroom. He could still hear their exchange of words as he disrobed and sank into the warm water.

“I…yes. I’ll bathe and go. I’m sorry. I….” She floundered for words, stuttering. Her voice sounded unsteady, as though on the verge of tears.

“How could you be so lazy?”

Mikhail didn’t hear a reply.

“Stop crying. Go have your damn bath and then go. I’ll contact you later in the week so we can discuss this. I’m going to check my messages and return a few calls. I expect you to be gone by the time I’m done.” Mikhail assumed he’d been forgotten when Charles didn’t seek him out.

He could hear Sonata sobbing and sniffling and found himself angry with Charles and embarrassed for the girl. Why did Sonata take the abuse?
 She’s so attractive, she could have any man she might want. Why Charles? Her acceptance of Charles’s mistreatment might indicate any of several dysfunctions within her. Do I care why this relationship is so volatile? I shouldn’t. What is the matter with me? As he pondered his confused emotions, she came into the bathroom.

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