Saturday, January 9, 2016

Edge of Obsession by Megan Crane Excerpt


USA Today bestselling author Megan Crane's smoldering new novel will leave readers ... obsessed.

Tyr, a powerful man in a destroyed world, needs only three things to survive: his weapons, basic resources and a rotation of women to serve his voracious sexual needs. But when a beautiful prisoner grabs his attention during a mission to restock his clan's supplies, Tyr's alpha instincts give way to something much darker--strong, unquenchable lust that cannot be ignored...or denied.

After two years on the run, Helena is snared by this dominant group of men who roam the land unchallenged. Strong to her core and with a mission of her own, Helena knows she doesn't have to be their captive for long. But despite all the terrible things she's heard about these brutal beasts, Helena is overcome by intense desire for the ruthless man who has taken her. As their scorching passion escalates, Helena will have to trust in Tyr in order to save both what's left of this desolate, torn-up world...and herself.


“Feet hurt?”
She frowned at him. “Why do you keep asking me that? Do you have a thing about feet?”
Tyr almost smiled at that. “Don’t worry, little girl. You’re not going to have to ask what I’m into. You’ll know.” He watched her eyes widen and those nipples harden all over again, like they were begging for his mouth. “Was that a yes?”
Helena studied him, wrapping her arms around herself, either because she was cold or because she was scared, and he was enough of a dick that he didn’t really care which, because he could see that she was also turned on.
“Yes,” she said after a moment, her voice subdued, like it had been another fight inside of her to admit something he already knew was true. “They’re a little banged up.”
“You’re not bleeding,” he said gruffly. “Bruised, maybe.”
“I think I’m—” She cut herself off. “How do you know that?”
“The question you should be asking, sweetheart, is why you didn’t ask for help when you realized I expected you to walk on bare feet through the woods in the middle of the night. I’m a raider. I’m betting it crossed your mind we were heading for the water. You knew it was going to be more than a five minute stroll.”
Her arms tightened there across her middle, and that fuck you gleam in her eyes was perfect. She was the least tough thing he’d ever seen, naked and slender and dripping wet with the wind slapping at her, and she was still braver than every last moron at that compound. How could Tyr not love that shit?
“The next time I’m abducted and literally carted off over the shoulder of a terrifying man covered in blood and a selection of very sharp blades,” she said in that edgy voice of hers that made his pulse roar at him, “I’ll be sure to stop and demand that my captor provide me with adequate footwear for the forced march in the darkness.”
“You don’t ask for help, guess what? You don't get any. This is a raider camp, not a nursery, and it’s even harsher back home on the islands.” He considered the goose bumps rising all over her, imagined the sting of the wind on her tender flesh after the warmer seawater. “Do you want to dry yourself off, Helena?”
And she was never boring, this one. She scowled at him, even harder than before, and she thought about it. He could see the calculation in her gaze, the way she took the measure of him—keeping her compliant eyes above the waist, he noticed to his amusement—and then, when she’d started to edge toward actually shivering from the cold, she cleared her throat.
“What are my options?”
Tyr had assumed she’d outright surrender to get out of the wind, like every other woman he’d ever met would have—and a lot sooner. That she hadn’t done that made his cock so hard it bordered on pain.
He shrugged. “You can take this and use it as a towel or you can go up there and warm yourself by the fire.”
Tyr could have stood there all night, watching her grey eyes move from her wet clothes hanging over his shoulder to the wool wrap in his fist to the bag at his feet. Especially because her eyes blazed with fury and resentment when they finally met his again.
“Thank you,” she said in that same snotty tone she’d used in the woods. “I’d love to use your towel.”
He laughed at that and moved closer to her, draping the wool over her shoulders and then wrapping around her so it covered at much of her as possible. As he pulled it tight, he got his mouth near her ear.
“I keep telling you to watch that mouth,” he growled, and saw the new and different set of goose bumps that shivered to life at the sound of his words. “Next step is me watching it for you. Think you’ll like that?” He laughed again when she shuddered against him. “Because I know I will.”

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