Friday, January 29, 2016

Heart of Time (Knight Traveler) by Regan Black - $0.99

$0.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


This short adventure is a prequel for the Knight Traveler series that begins with Timeless Vision, coming December 15th!

King Arthur has learned of a terrible threat - an evil cult is on the verge of destroying Camelot as the first step in a power play that could enslave humanity well into the future. In desperate need of help, Arthur assembles a trio of knights uniquely equipped to assist him in his quest to protect the innocent and conquer the encroaching darkness.

Excerpt from Heart of Time

King Arthur watched quietly as three of his trusted knights approached the gamekeeper’s hut. The door was flung wide, a fire blazing in the grate, yet his hand rested on Excalibur’s hilt. It was no longer safe to travel unarmed.
His private guard had taken up positions in the surrounding trees, ready to launch an offensive or a rescue at the designated signal from him. That he’d taken such measures would offend his friends, but he would not risk his life or any of theirs, should one of them prove turned by the enemy.
For nearly a year Arthur had heard the whispers, felt the warnings at the wispy edges of his dreams and in the heart of his worst nightmares. Creatures who craved darkness and dealt in evil, always a threat to his personal quest for peace, were gaining a foothold in the west. To what end he could not see and Merlin, his most-trusted advisor, remained coy as always about the future.
He felt it now, another tendril of that ill wind grazing his cheek, despite the clear bright autumn sky and the heat of the fire at his back.
Three pairs of boots crunched on the path, growing louder as the men approached. Arthur studied the wilderness crowding the path, but he found no sign of the animals typically near each man. He knew they were out there, the hound, the bear, and the hawk, as steadfast, watchful, and stealthy as his own guard.
When the knights saw him, all three faces lit with friendly and curious smiles. Arthur hoped what he had to say, the task he had to assign wouldn’t extinguish the light in his dearest friends.
“Is there good hunting this season, my king?” Sir Gawain asked, his long stride putting him a half step ahead of the others in the party.
“I fear there may well be,” Arthur replied under his breath.

Ready to turn the page? Pick up your copy of Heart of Time today and be ready for Timeless Vision a romantic time-travel adventure coming December 15th!

Live the adventure!

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