Thursday, March 31, 2016

An Officer and a Gentlewoman by Nathalie Noire Excerpt

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Warning: For ages 18+, contains elements of BDSM

Judge Jessica Bellingham was living a comfortable life. She was content and safe but she wasn’t satisfied.

Sean O’Fallon was a Detective by day and a Dom at night. He didn’t form attachments and didn’t play with the same sub twice.

All of that changed when Jessica ran a stop sign.


Jessica was running late for an appointment. An understatement. She’d just rolled two stop signs and had run a questionable yellow-red light. So she really wasn’t surprised by the flashing red and blue lights.
“Damn!” she said leaning over to get her insurance card out of the glove box. Her tight, pinstriped pencil skirt gave no purchase and made her topple over, giving the policeman a nice view of her ass when he walked up. “Great,” she mumbled under her breath.
She righted herself and rolled down her window. She searched through her wallet for her Minnesota driver’s license before looking up. When she did, she temporarily lost her breath. Tall dark and handsome had just ridden his horse up to rescue her. Hello! Well, it wasn’t so much a horse as a nondescript sedan.
“Ma’am, do you have any idea how many citations I can give you?” he all but growled at her from behind his aviators. Why do they always wear aviators? You can’t see what they’re thinking.
“No, officer. I don’t.” Jessica fibbed, praying that he hadn’t been behind her when she’d swerved around the cat. She smiled her sweetest smile, the one where her dimple showed. He planted his feet firmly and pulled his ticket book from his back pocket. Damn!
“You almost hit a cat, you rolled through two stop signs, speeding, you ran a red light…”
“That light was yellow when I started into the intersection…” she interrupted. He raised an eyebrow, effectively shutting her up.
“I could write you about a dozen tickets today.”
“Please don’t. I’m running late for an appointment. I don’t usually drive like this. I don’t have any points on my record.”
“I know. I checked your record when I was trying to determine whether the car had been stolen. Where were you going in such a hurry?”
“I’m late for court.” Jessica’s face reddened. “I’m a judge, in the county court.”
“You know that doesn’t give you any special leverage, right?”
“Yes, sir.” She thought she heard him take a big breath but wasn’t sure. She looked up at him and he still had that impenetrable expression most cops have when they work the streets. Damn he was fine though. She had to stop thinking of this, she was in too much of a hurry. Her first case would have to be rescheduled at this rate.
“I can offer you a deal, Your Honor, if you’re interested. Meet me at this address tonight and we’ll discuss your infractions.”
“Yes, Officer…” Jessica faltered on his last name.
“It’s Detective, Detective Sean O’Fallon,” he said as he tore off a piece of paper from a little notebook he kept in his jacket pocket. He quickly scribbled an address on it. “And Jessica?”
“Don’t mention this to anyone or I’ll lose my job.”
“I understand, Detective O’Fallon.”
“Have a good day, Jessica, and drive the speed limit the rest of the way to court, please.”
“I will, thank you.”
She pulled out carefully and made sure her toes stayed at an easy angle on the gas pedal, haunted by his words. Her hands tightened on the steering wheel and her temperature rose. Why should she go to see him tonight? So she ran a light and was speeding. She was late, dammit, and it was important. She was a judge. Didn’t he get how important her job was and how stressful? She had to be on time or it affected the lives of the citizens of St. Paul. Her mind was whirling with all this as she slipped into her assigned parking spot.
Jessica slid sideways on the marble floors as she went around the corner. She could see her assistant standing in the hall motioning her to hurry. Entering her chambers she straightened her wild hair and shimmied into her robe. Her aides handed her the first case and knew better than to ask where she had been.
The case coming up was the opening arguments for a murder/rape case. Nothing pretty about it. Jessica had already gone through the preliminaries of picking a jury and countless filings by both parties. Hopefully, the family would finally find justice. Hopefully they had the right guy. But that was her job, listen to the evidence and make a ruling. Then find a suitable punishment. In this case Minnesota didn’t have the death penalty so the most severe punishment would be life in prison without parole.
St. Paul had a slightly larger number of murders compared to other cities its size. That made her think of the police and then a certain Detective. She wasn’t aware of the smile she was sporting until the prosecutor gave her a funny look. She reigned in her hormones and concentrated on the opening arguments.

Sean had a hard time concentrating on the road as he watched the tail lights of the BMW pull away. Fuck, she was hot with her pouty lips, rosy cheeks and raven straight hair. She was a petite woman from what he could see. Demure, but he knew she could be tough. He had heard about her Honor Jessica Bellingham. She was hard but exceedingly fair. The cops liked and respected her. Lawyers were always surprised by her creative judgments. The kids were the winners with her, though. She worked on rehabilitating children through innovative programs and ideas. That was what impressed Sean.
As a Dom he thought she would be a natural Domme herself with a position of power like that, but when she said ‘yes, sir’ to him, it surprised him. She definitely needed to be punished and he wanted to explore that delectable body. The glimpse of her ass he got was enough to tell him he would like to see it naked and nicely pinked. Those perfect lips would look gorgeous around his cock. Sean got back into his car and adjusted his swollen appendage.
The day went slowly for Sean. He normally didn’t get excited about a piece of ass. He got mildly interested in a new sub to play with but always just played. Why was he preoccupied with this woman? She had invaded his mind in the most pleasant way, yet she was distracting him from his job. He wasn’t even supposed to give traffic tickets unless it was an extreme situation. And now he was thinking of her again.
Mind back on work. He was a homicide detective and he was working on a serial murder case. The kind of case that made him glad he wasn’t a judge. He couldn’t see any way to be partial on this one. The evidence was scarce. All they knew was that the killer sent a bouquet of thirteen red roses in the week before he killed his victims. So far they had lost three girls. Each tied up, raped and then strangled. It was weighing heavily on him. He badly wanted to catch this guy before the monster targeted someone else. The killer had escalated fast. It had only been five weeks. His time frame was getting tighter. The killer was acting like he couldn’t stay away as long before he got his next fix.

Six o’clock and her hair was slipping out of its top knot. The case had just finished for the day. Such a sad story today and since it was Friday she would be going home to an empty house and a frozen dinner to look over the cases for next week. Wait. Sean. She said she would meet him to ‘discuss her infractions.’ Her cheeks heated up and her panties started to feel moist. He was seriously beautiful. Except she had never seen his eyes. That could make or break it for her. The eyes were the window to the soul, or so they said and Jessica believed it. She watched her defendant’s eyes in court all the time.
She could make it to the address he gave her if she didn’t go home and change. He’d just have to take her as is. It wasn’t like it was a date and if they were negotiating a penalty of any kind, she wanted to look imposing.

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