Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Race of Love by Melissa McClone Excerpt



Harboring secrets has jeopardized Bree Winthrop's spot on the US Ski Team. She's lost her focus and drive to win. Her only hope to remain on the team is Riley "Ry" Guyette—the one man she doesn't trust. Bree must let go of the past if she wants to keep her dreams alive.
Ry knows what it's like to crash and burn after a ski accident sidelined him from competition two years ago. But his coach wants Ry to help a teammate regain her focus and competitive edge. Too bad he hasn't spoken to Bree in six years—six very long years.
Bree and Ry face a mountain of struggles. Will they be able to learn that forgiveness isn't the steepest slope they must conquer?


“I’ll make my final decision when I see how the cookies turn out.”
“You won’t be disappointed.”
Her gaze met his.
Awareness passed between them, strong and undeniable. The connection felt real, almost electric, and pulled him in.
She tilted her head, exposing her neck. All he could think about was leaving a trail of kisses from her collar to her lips.
Moisture filled Ry’s mouth. His pulse accelerated. The temperature in the condo rose twenty degrees. He took a step toward her, wanting to get closer, then stopped.
He moved back, went around the breakfast bar, and gathered the ingredients in the kitchen. Her scent—something citrusy—hung in the air. Every nerve ending seemed conscious of Bree, the rise and fall of her chest with each breath, her adjusting the ice pack against her hip.
Yes, she was pretty. Hot, actually.
But her appearance shouldn’t matter.
He was used to being around gorgeous models—holding them, touching them, kissing them. All for the camera.
But this sudden connection with Bree?
The low ache might be familiar, but the longing in his chest wasn’t.

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