Monday, December 20, 2021

Christmas Kisses and Cookies by Linda West

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Christmas kisses, second chances and a very serious Christmas Eve cookie bake-off make for one funny holiday in the enchanted small town of Kissing Bridge mountain!

A sweet romance in a snow-town setting.

"All in all, it will remain my favorite Christmas book for a very long time. I laughed, I cried, I had fun and my only regret was that I got it as an ebook and not a paperback, because I would definitely love to have it on my shelf." Vaire 5 Stars
Christmas, cookie contests, and a magical recipe! An Adorable Small Town Second Chance Romance!

Funny and full of Christmas spirit. Grab a cocoa and a blanket and get ready to feel the warmth of the season in this delightful romp through a snow town and one woman's efforts to grab a second chance at true love.

A snow town second chance romance! The perfect Christmas fiction for the whole family!

Summer Landers is a supermodel who seemingly has it all. She travels the world, makes tons of money and has a movie star boyfriend.

But her true dream of a true family of her own is light-years away, back in Kissing Bridge where she left all her hopes and dreams, along with the love of her life.

When disaster hits on the mountain, Summer is forced to return home to Vermont and help her mother reclaim her rightful honor as the blue ribbon winning Cookie Queen of the Silver Bell’s fair.

There is mayhem afoot, and magic too, but miracles can happen at Christmas, and they most often do - just so long as Summer can dodge her family curse.

Clean, Wholesome, Small Town, Rural, Snow Town, Second Chance Romance, Christmas 2018

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