Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Impressions by Blake Leonhardt



Impressions is an expose into the life of a migrating introvert, an ambulatory god of soil and sweat, a bohemian in the truest sense born out of the desert cauldron we call the west. Blake tackles many themes including his often troubled engagement with the binary opposites of solitude and movement. The protagonist Donnie has many definitions depending on who you ask. A true romantic, a keen skeptic, a self-indulgent nihilist. In the end he is ambiguous yet undoubtedly compassionate, and his mystique evokes strong opinions and varied conclusions. Impressions tells it all, traveling through a ubiquitous urban wasteland to the ports and taverns of an animated European landscape. Impressions is symbolic of those without chains, detached and looming, enthralled with pure experience and expression. Enjoy this contemporary calling and true gift to the outlier.

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