Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Demon's Quest the Beginning of the End the Trilogy Box Set by Charles Carfagno Jr.

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Author Charles Carfagno Jr. has created a world akin to Dungeons and Dragons, a fanciful cosmos described with flare and unique penmanship for the most avid of fantasy fans.

Volume 1:
In a world, where monsters are running amok, demons are emerging from the underworld to stake their claim on humanity. Battle lines are hastily drawn, ensnaring friends and foes in a fight for their lives. Unlikely heroes will emerge, some bravely volunteering to serve the cause, while others are forced into the fray. Torhan is of the latter. The human lad, accused of crimes he did not commit, must fight to clear his name. His journey is dangerous, fraught with possible death at every turn, but he is resourceful and skilled with a blade…but is it enough?

Volume 2:
Stretched by the things he must endure, Torhan’s life cannot…and will not, ever be the same. Struggles abound: man against mythical creatures, good verses evil, and the quest to overcome one’s own weakness.

A host of characters, you’ve come to love or despise, continue down twisted trails of deceit, unforeseen evil, and memorable battles.

Volume 3:
The final volume of a Demon’s Quest the Beginning of the End. Torhan has endured to complete his quest and with the help of Katara, the healer, he must rescue Sybil. However, a deadly hermit, Tole, stands in his way, the only creature that can unravel the mystery of the maiden’s slumber.

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