Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tall, Dark and Furry by Meredith Allen Conner


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A powerful werewolf seeking his mate

On the run and about to be captured, Sela seeks safety in a bar where she discovers more than just a chance to keep on living. She meets Mac - a werewolf. Despite having an elemental power, Sela had no idea there were other different beings living among the humans as well. She doesn’t know if she can afford to trust the big werewolf – even if he does call her mate.

A woman who can control the element of water

After centuries of searching for his mate, Mac had almost given up trying to find her. Now that he has found Sela, he will do any and everything in his power to keep her. Including fighting a dangerous fanatical group determined to have Sela’s power over water for their own and tracking down her sisters, also on the run from the group of fanatics. All of which may prove pointless in Mac’s efforts to win Sela if he can’t earn her trust first.

Brought together by chance, only trust and love can keep them together


“Uh . . .” nothing came to mind. She couldn’t form a single coherent thought. Her mind swirled with a thousand different things to say, but she couldn’t separate one thought from another. Wow, drawing a complete blank.

Mac did not seem to be suffering from the same inability to function. He tugged gently on her shirt. “Let’s get this off.”

Sela blinked. He couldn’t possibly want to continue what they’d been doing. She was positive she’d read him correctly.

“You need to get warm. My jacket will keep you comfortable enough until we get home.” He kissed the top of her head and pulled her top off.

Why would he do that? He didn’t expect a response to that kiss so why bother?

He wrapped his jacket around her, threading her arms through the sleeves like a child. Sela stared at him in pause mode.

Mac picked her up and set her on the bike. He plunked a helmet on her head. Bending down to adjust the strap, he grinned, “Wolf’s got your tongue, huh?”

Wolf? Didn’t the saying go “Cat’s got your tongue”?

His teeth gleamed brightly in the moonlight.

No, wolf definitely fit.

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