Saturday, March 4, 2017

Anxiety and Depression: Defeat Mental Illness with Surefire Tested Methods

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"Quiet People Have the Loudest Minds" - Stephen King I have been suffering with Anxiety Disorders and Depression Since I was young. We all go through this Illness without people knowing what it is like to be us, and how serious it is. This book is intended to help people with proven ways to go to battle with this disorder. Also to help inform others of the daily struggles we all go through. Book

Living with Anxiety Disorder and Depression
What its like having a Panic Attack
How to help your kids with Anxiety and Depression
Cognitive and mood therapy
Positive thinking - More of a map of how
Ancient Text - New isn't always better
Prayer - Not just for the Religious and
I will Show you why Exercise - a simple kettlebell exercise anyone can do to relieve Anxiety

Sometimes looking in the mirror to tell yourself I love you doesn't always work

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