Friday, March 3, 2017

How to Live a Life with Healthy Self-Image: a month journey



This book is about how to live a life with healthy self-image – one of the issues most relevant to our emotional health. Unhealthy self-image causes an amazing amount of emotional pain and unhappiness and is surprisingly widespread. All of us need healthy self-image if we are to function well in the world. The enormous cost of unhealthy or negative self-image for a large number of people in our society, in terms of impaired effectiveness and productivity, as well as emotional pain, goes largely unrecognized. This book identified some strategies to follow in order to overcome the problem of negative self-image. Your self-image stems from basic attitudes and assumptions you have about yourself, and this must change if your self-image is to improve.

How to live a life with healthy self-image is a month journey on how to live a life with healthy self- image.  There are 31 strategies on healthy self-image suggested in this book that can be read every day in a month. Each day, try to practice the strategy suggested and evaluate yourself at the end of a month. You can also read it in one sitting, however, we suggest that you review it every day. Share it with your friends and loved ones. Let you and your circle of influence live a life with healthy self-image.

You will get a PDF (787KB) file.

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