Sunday, March 19, 2017

Secrets by A. D. Herrick

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What's a little Bondage between strangers?

When life gets you down you just pack up and leave right?

Well, that's what I did.

Now I work at Secrets.

Some would call it prostitution. I call it opportunity, freedom, and a damn good time.

When given the opportunity of a lifetime is thrown in your lap, what do you do? I was offered big money to spend 3 months in an undisclosed location with virtual strangers, I couldn't pass it up. Trust me, I tried. Five Million is a hard deal to say no to. Again, I tried.

But what happens when it all becomes too much? When enemies you didn't even know existed attack you and your life has been in peril more times than any human's life should be?

Is it all worth it for a little, okay, a lot of cash?

Or should I stay because the men are beyond dreamy and they know exactly how to treat a lady in between the sheets?

This book is intended for Mature audiences only.

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