Friday, March 10, 2017

The Wolven by Meredith Allen Conner Excerpt


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A dominant king

Taken captive and on her own, Rea must find a way to escape the Order. With the help of her newly discovered sister, she is able to regain her freedom, but her sister stays behind. Rea can’t lose her again. She’ll do anything to find her, accepting help from the king of werewolves should be easy. But he wants more, much more than her acceptance of his help. He wants her.

A determined woman

Cam has known for weeks that Rea is his mate. Weeks of imagining her being tortured while he is powerless to help her. The moment she calls, he races to her rescue. Only to find she doesn’t need rescuing. Rea doesn’t seem to need anything from him. He’s determined to show her he was born to protect her. They have a bond between them. A bond he’s afraid he can’t live without.

They can fight each other, or join together for a love more powerful than they ever imagined


"I've only heard sounds like that a couple of times recently. Why didn't Sela come?"

The husky, battered voice almost brought him to his knees.

He turned his head slowly, keeping the rest of his body still so he wouldn't scare her. He stood directly under the light from the store. He knew she'd be able to see his scar. He couldn't do anything to prevent it.

Amber eyes watched him warily from the shadows at the edge of the store. Dark hair stuck up in short, tousled spikes all over her head. Her pale skin glowed like moonlight.


"I was closer." By maybe a half mile. It didn't matter. This was his mate. No one was going to touch her, but him.

He inhaled sharply.

His claws and fangs grew at her spicy scent. Sharp and slightly tangy with a hint of cinnamon. It reminded him of cookies baking.

He growled.

Rea froze. Her body tensed to flee.

Mate. Good. Take

Cam battled with his beast. He was the Wolven. He was in control.

He forced his claws and fangs back.

"Don't run." Bad idea. His wolf loved the chase. If she ran, he didn't know if he could keep his beast in check. And he sure as hell wasn't going to have their mating take place in the middle of some street.

He was in control.

So why did his heart race and his hands tremble at the thought of pulling her under him, ripping her pants off and taking her wherever he caught her?

She scowled at him. Rubbed her hand over her right wrist. "Then don't growl at me," she hissed. "I've already seen the fangs and claws and fur. I don't need the up close version."

That made it slightly easier. She knew about his beast. He didn't have to make the explanation.

"Come here."

She arched a brow, frowned briefly down at her wrist then tossed her head. "I don't take orders. Or follow them. How about you get in your truck and I'll hop in on the passenger side?"

She didn't take orders? He was the Wolven. He gave orders. And expected them to be obeyed.

Especially by his mate.

"How badly are you injured?" She didn't look injured, but he knew damn well how appearances could be deceiving. Besides he could smell the blood.

She straightened as if taking offense at his question. "I'm fine."

Bullshit. She'd been drugged and beaten before she'd been kidnapped in front of Livie and Sela. Who knew what she'd suffered after she'd been taken.

"Do you need a doctor?" He didn't smell a lot of blood, but he wouldn't if her injuries were a few days old and the wounds scabbed over.

She took a step towards him. Chin leading, hands fisted at her side. "I told you. I'm fine."


She didn't respond to orders or offers of help, but question her health, hint of an injury, and she challenged him. Faced off against him. Stepped closer.

Mine. Take. Keep.

He didn't want to frighten her and he sure as hell hadn't planned to make her mad, but if that's what it took . . .

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